Wednesday, December 2, 2015

21 Weeks

This little one has FINALLY started kicking up a storm. 
For a while there I was borderline concerned over the lack of activity. 
But suddenly in the last week it's been KICK KICK KICK!

Baby Size

Total Weight Gain
8.5 lbs 
(-2.5 less than with Aaron) 

It's probably diet-related, 
but my sleep has been HORRIBLE. 
Waking up at 4:30 unable to go back to sleep. 
Lying awake in bed till 1:30am. 
Waking up at 1:30 and going back to sleep at 4:30. 
It's been a brutal week. 
I haven't had one solid 8 hours of sleep since my anatomy scan last week. 

Ate an entire $8 box of organic raspberries in one sitting. 
It was glorious. 

Symptoms of the Week
Sleep deprivation. 
Incessant baby kicking. 

What I miss

Still Running?
Still at 3.5 twice a week! 
Over Thanksgiving break, 
I tried to squeeze in a 3rd run but my body wasn't having it. 

Excited for
These next two weeks to be OVER ALREADY. 
Cynical, I know, but these two weeks will be among the worst at work 
(superceded only by year-end close, the first 2 weeks of January
and the DREAD hung over me all Thanksgiving. 
Couple that with sleep-deprivation 
and I'm just a jolly bag of happiness.

General Mood
I had hoped to do a real Thanksgiving recap, 
but it's not happening. 
The overall gist is: 
Sleep-deprivation + Hormones = CRANKY CRANKY EMILY. 
If I was a toddler, 
I would have had AT LEAST 3 tantrum meltdowns per day. 
Big Law Firm also insisted on raining all over our break,
which doesn't help things. 
All in all, Aaron was better behaved than I was. 

The "best" day was on Sunday, 
when I regained some energy 
and tackled our basement on a furious sort/purge mission. 

Is it bad to say it was the highlight of my weekend? 

 (in case you are the Fashion Police, 
yes, I confess it's the same style shirt as last week
just a different color) 

21 Weeks with Aaron here.  


  1. Boo, I'm sorry about the Thanksgiving crankiness... hopefully Christmas will not follow suit! And I haven't been sleeping so hot for the past week or so, so when I'm tossing and turning at 2 am, I'll say a little prayer for you :)

    Hooray for baby kicks!

  2. Since it's Christmas Day, I now have time to catch up on my blog reading! Ha!

    If you read my Thanksgiving post, you will realize I was also super-grumpy over Thanksgiving too. The kids easily won the "Best Behaved Award" over me. I hope your Christmas has been better and filled with more sleep.