Tuesday, December 8, 2015

22 Weeks

It's a good thing I have an app, 
because as I started writing this, 
I had no idea how many weeks I was. 
I still think I'm 21 weeks. 

Baby Size
Fun fact: I have never bought or prepared a papaya. 
I am sure I have consumed it at a restaurant, 
but that's it.

Total Weight Gain
9.5 lbs 
(-2.5 lbs from Aaron) 

Considering how much I've been running, 
I'd hoped to widen the spread from my prior pregnancy by now. 

Generally good but last night was particularly awful. 
Couldn't get comfortable and was up every hour re-positioning.

This is one of those classic pregnancy stories. 
Early last week, I was in the kitchen at work fetching my salad from the fridge, 
and I could smell reheated pizza from the microwave. 
I wanted pizza SO BAD. 
I promptly put my salad back in the fridge, 
and headed to our cafeteria to see about some pizza. 
What cafeteria doesn't have pizza? 
The only thing they had was flatbread covered in olives, 
So, I ended up with cheese fries, 
which made me sick because they are like 99% fat, 
and on top of that, never actually satisfied the pizza cravings. 
During our weekly grocery shopping trip, 
I proposed take-out pizza for lunch and Adam agreed. 
I ate THREE-QUARTERS of an XL pizza. 

It was amazing. 

Symptoms of the Week
I don't remember back pain starting so early with Aaron. 
I went to prenatal yoga on Sunday, 
and that seems to help.

What I miss
No back pain. 
Sleeping peacefully. 
Staying the same weight. 

Still Running?
Yes, but last week wasn't my best. 
My first run of the week was a measly 2.5 miles. 
The second run was the standard 3.5 miles, 
so my goal is to keep up with TWO 3.5 mile runs this week. 

Excited for
The weekend. 
We have my work Christmas party on Saturday 
(which will include the annual Santa photo) 
and then celebrate Hanukkah with Adam's extended family on Sunday. 

General Mood
Overall good. 

22 Weeks with Aaron here
As a note, I think my body has taken the EXACT SAME shape as it had back then. 
Hard to tell with the different camera angles, 
but trust me.


  1. I had a similar issue with fruit snacks where I saw one (on the ground in the parking lot...) and then HAD to have some, and I went to all 7 vending machines in my building to find some and had no luck. So you better believe they were on my next grocery fun! Fun times.

    Props to you on the running and still hoping the sleep improves!

  2. Oh pregnancy cravings -- half the time they were awesome and half the time they were horrid -- when they couldn't be fulfilled. I hope the back pain is gone by now.