Tuesday, December 29, 2015

25 Weeks

25 Weeks. 
Otherwise known as the week of Christmas
so let me kick this off with a quick Christmas recap. 

Monday-Wednesday were my Mama's Days Off 
(post coming shortly). 
Thursday morning we left for NY. 
It was a 3.5 hour drive and Aaron did awesome. 
We celebrated Christmas with Adam's extended family (the non-Jewish ones), 
and then went to the hotel for the night. 
Aaron went right back to sleep after, 
but Adam and I were up for hours. 
Christmas day was a sleep-deprived celebration with my family, 
followed by a 4 hour car ride home where Aaron had one brief meltdown 
(because we wouldn't let him hold the bag of trail mix), 
but otherwise was great. 


Saturday my sister babysat while we saw Star Wars in the afternoon 
(I know this is blasphemy but... it was "okay", 
definitely better than Episodes 1-3, 
but did not live up to the hype I had hoped for), 
and then went to another Christmas party at a friend's house that night. 
Sunday was a relaxing day at home, 
followed by our very last Christmas party at another friends house. 

So many Christmas parties! 
So much sugar! 
So little sleep! 

Baby Size

Total Weight Gain
12.5 lbs 
2 lbs jump week-over-week. 
Only 3.5 lbs less than with Aaron. 

So many factors. 
Christmas food. 
Travel snacking. 
Lack of exercise. 
Not my best week.

Horrible, but can't blame the pregnancy. 
More like lots of travel, 
late parties, 
and no exercise.


Symptoms of the Week

What I miss
I had a flute of champagne on Christmas Eve and again on Sunday, 
which is the most I've drank this pregnancy. 
It was delicious. 

Still Running?
This was my first week off running entirely. 
We should be well into snow terriority by now, 
but the rain just doesn't stop. 
I don't mind running in snow, 
but I HATE running in rain. 

I'm planning to run today after work so... 
cross your fingers.  

Excited for
My birthday! 
I'll turn 31 on New Year's Day (Friday). 
No grand plans like last year
just dinner out on NYE, 
and lunch with my family that day. 

General Mood
As I type this, 
I most definitely have post-Christmas blues. 
I love the parties and the socializing, 
but the trek to NY was particularly painful this year with the lack of sleep
(even if Aaron did travel like an angel!). 
Combine the lack of sleep
 with the post-sugar hangover 
and muscle deterioriation from no exercise, 
and I'm ready for routine again.

25 Weeks with Aaron here


  1. Ha ha your "symptoms" response is my favorite (although not true :)! I am off this week but also ready to return to routine. It has been colder than normal here so I've had little motivation to workout myself... combine that with eating everything in sight and I am with you about feeling like a slug.

  2. I was so ready to get back to routine too. What was it about this year that the whole Christmas break just felt extremely long?

    Also, I remember "fatness" being a symptom of my pregnancies too. Although you don't look it, I can definitely relate to the general feeling.