Monday, December 14, 2015

Doing Santa

Do you do Santa? 

(PLEASE someone respond with:
"Only if I'm feeling ho-ho-ho-ish" )

I grew up knowing who Santa was. 
He was a character of Christmas. 
Just like the princesses in my Disney movies. 
I'm sure he was once based on a true person, 
just as Robin Hood was based on a true person. 

But Santa didn't "bring me gifts." 
My parents and grandparents bought me gifts. 
We didn't do any cookies & milk. 
Writing "letters to Santa" at school felt silly but whatever, 
I can still fake it!

 Adam grew up Jewish, 
so um yeah, 
there's that. 

As parents, it has never crossed our minds to blow up the Santa experience, 
other than just another character at Christmas, 
and a fun/awkward photo op at my work holiday party.

We aren't adamanelty against it!
We just don't give a crap. 

Scary Mommy published this article: 

On one hand, 
I think this falls under our hyper-sensitive society 
where you can't ask anyone anything for fear of being offended. 

On the other hand, 
yeah, I see her point. 

Now in Philadelphia, 
with a super strong Jewish presence in both Cherry Hill 
and the Main Line, 
I don't hear Santa thrown about as much. 

However, growing up in Upstate NY, 
where there was exactly 
one Jewish kid for every give hundred kids,
Santa was a bit more prevalent. 

Also, can we talk about Elf on the Shelf? 
I LOVE seeing people's creative ideas with posing the Elf. 
But the actual Elf STORY? 
Someone who spies on you and then reports back to Santa? 
Hell no, thank you. 

 It's the same level of creepy as that 
that parents cry over. 
I think that kid needs a restraining order. 
A mom who travels across town to hold her son in bed? 
What if he's naked? 
What if there's a chick in his bed with him? 

Ok, sorry, I'm done. 

Back to Santa. 
Yeah, we don't DO Santa. 
We fill the stockings, 
and open presents, 
and stick our child on Santa's lap at my work party. 

 (side note: pretty sure santa was a scrawny 16 year old)

But DOING Santa? 
I leave that to Mrs. Claus. 
Or Mistress Claus. 
Whatever Santa likes best.


  1. Interesting to hear this from the perspective of someone that was fairly indifferent toward Santa! Santa was definitely the giver of gifts on Christmas morning at our house, but I never felt like my parents put an emphasis on the whole "he's watch you so you better behave" aspect. And that's how we plan to approach it with C&C... we of course want them to know that Christmas is first and foremost about the celebration of Jesus's birth, but we are also totally ok with playing along with the Santa thing until they're old enough not to believe anymore. And we begrudgingly are doing the elf on the shelf, but again, not stressing the "he's watching you," so much as the fun of "where's he going to be this morning?" Fun times.

  2. OMG I think "I'll Love You Forever" is so freaky!!! People always tell me "You'll understand when you have kids." Im so glad to hear you say this!!!! I obviously don't have kids, but I don't think I'd do Santa if I did have kids. My mom's reason - "When you tell your kid finally that Santa isn't real, they'll think God isn't real too." -eye roll- valid point, but - eye roll- My reason is because I never believed in Santa and don't feel like I missed out on anything. I have so many friends who tell me that when they found out Santa wasn't real it was devastating. They are scarred! Why do that to your kids? Christmas doesn't need Santa. There are so many other things that are fun and "magical" outside of Santa. I also read this interesting article that pointed out that putting a ton of emphasis on Santa puts all the emphasis on gifts rather than family and traditions. Everyone reaches a point where the gifts aren't so exciting anymore. There has to be something left. My fondest memories of Christmas are things like piling into the car and driving to Syracuse, listening to songs on the radio, Christmas plays . . .

  3. I'm glad you also hate "Love You Forever" because I can't stand it and I know so many people who cry over it but it totally creeps me out.

    We don't do Santa either. Growing up, Santa was definitely a part of our tradition but it was an easy one for me to give up when I married Dave. Part of it is because, as you well know, if Christmas is about Santa than why don't Jews celebrate Christmas? So if we keep Christmas about Christ's birth then it's easier to explain why it isn't a Jewish holiday.

    And there's this little part of me that finds it creepy that we make our kids sit on strangers' laps because they are dressed like Santa. And another part of me, must be genetic, that can't help but take pictures of the kids with Santa whom we only see at Dave's work kids' Christmas party. However the kids refuse to sit on his lap and I don't force it. It makes me laugh that they have "stranger danger" signs when it comes to Santa!

    And WHOA! The comments on that article are INSANE. I guess I'm completely ruining childhood for my kids. Hopefully they'll forgive me one day. I better start putting their college fund into a therapy fund instead. Some people are CRAZY.