Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mamas Day Off - Christmas Edition

Of all the blog posts I write, 
my favorite to re-read is my Mama's Day Off
I really don't have any other place to document these days. 
They certainly aren't exciting enough to make it in our annual family photo album 
and I've long since given up a paper journal. 
So here they sit. 


Cleaning lady arrives and I scurry out of the house to stay out of her way

Drop off dry cleaning

Michael's: buy picture frame for Aaron's new school pictures

KOP Mall: GAP & Nordstrom returns, Williams Sonoma peppermint sticks as a hostess gift, Victoria's Secret new bra

Facial - one thing to check off my 25 things before next birthday list! 

StitchFix box arrives with new maternity clothes!

Clean out paint room / travel gear:This is, of course, one of the best parts of the day. Ever since reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, I have been so energized to clean and purge. I wrote long ago of our storage area problems, and they have hung over our head like a plague. To go through and trash, donate, trash, donate is so freeing! 

Clean washer / dryer (tutorial here)


Wash baby clothes.Cue awwwwww 

Sort & purge under stairs: As a brief example of my hoarding tendencies, I had an entire storage container filled with receipts from a decade ago. Wtf. 

Post office - return the unwanted StitchFix item

Grocery shopping 

Clean dishwasher (tutorial here)

Make this Chocolate Whiskey Spice cake referenced by the New York Times. Conclusion? It was okay. It was very flavorful, but it truly didn't WOW me like I had hoped. 


Pick up dry cleaning 

Glucose / OBGYN  - SO MUCH BETTER this time than last. With Aaron, I nearly hurled (wrote about that here). This time, the drink was dye-free and I had a choice of fruit punch vs orange. I choose fruit punch and it was pretty good. I watched Orange Is The New Black on my phone and the hour sped by. 

25 minute drive into the City 

Ring clean - another checklist item! 

Lunch with Adam - this was supposed to be a fun date lunch with my husband but he got slammed with a new deal as I was driving into the city so it turned into a super-quick stop at the food court 

1.5 hour drive out of the city - because the Schuylkill Expressly is THE WORST EVER

Manicure (which included a 1 hour wait for holiday busyness, so I watched more Orange is the New Black on my phone)

Pickup Aaron 

Pack for NY! 

It's not a glamorous photo, but this sums up the best parts of my days off: 


  1. I am seriously so jealous of all of the productivity that took place... but happy for you that you got to make the most of your time off! And also happy that I'm not the only weirdo that would rather spend my day off doing this type of thing :)

  2. I LOVE these kinds of days. One thing I'm super excited for about tomorrow is that I only have to work for a few hours (and I'm bringing the kids with me so you know how productive it will be!) and then we're going to drop off the thrift store donation pile. Yay!!!