Friday, December 18, 2015

Mamas Day Off - Friday Edition

Last Friday, I took a day to myself. 
Adam worked. 
Aaron was in daycare.
It was heaven.

In chronological order: 

Caught up on blogposts.
I read a lot of posts on my phone, 
but have trouble commenting and pinning posts, 
which means there's always a backlog of posts I want to review on my trusty laptop. 

3.4 miles. 

I have a super high sensitivity to caffeine 
(me on caffeine = most people on speed) 
so it's very rare that I frequent this cultural establishment. 
I selected my go-to iced nonfat chai tea latte with a dusting of pumpkin spice, 
and this time paired it with a salted caramel cake pop 
(medicore, I'd stick to birthday cake) 
and a bantam bagel, which was absolutely decadent when warmed up.

New jeans for Aaron 
and swiped a side-zip maternity sweater
Decided I'm going to return it. 
It's just too bulky and makes me feel even bigger. 
Not what maternity clothing shoul ddo!

Pea in the Pod
Bought this dress to wear with my favorite OTK boots.
Pictured in my 23 week update here.

Tackled the Filing cabinet. 
I confess to be a hoarder of paperwork. 
I made it through 1/4 of the cabinet in one hour, 
when my back started to give out.

Wrapping gifts
And realizing, 
for the first time in my lifetime,
I'm running low on Christmas paper! 

Clean fridge & Bleach Shower Curtain Liner
Doing little shit like this just makes my day. 
OCD cleaning above-and-beyond the normal 
(I hate everyday cleaning, that's why I have a cleaning lady) 
that just makes my life sparkle a little bit more. 
Stuff like this motivates me more than a chai latte. 
And I have zero shame about it!

And that was it. 
In fact, I was so productive, 
I only took ONE picture: 

Evidence of the Shredder 

And to think that I have THREE MORE DAYS 
of Mama's Day Off Next week, 
one of which even includes a facial! 
Talk about luxury! 
Unfortunately one of the other days includes my 24 week glucose test so... BARF.


  1. I SO HEAR YOU on the curtain liner and I was looking at it just yesterday thinking that I should bleach it soon. So glad your day off was productive, which if you're like me (which I think you are), is sometimes just as refreshing as a relaxing day!

  2. That day off sounds wonderful -- a perfect mix of errands, fun for you, and organizing! Whoo hoo!

    And now I'm off to Google how to "bleach a shower curtain liner" because I have never done that before and so I feel like I'm tyrign to clean in a shower of germs.