Friday, December 4, 2015

Week 24: Goals for next month

Week 24 of the 30 Week Writing Challenge

Goals for next month

Wow, how is December already? 
That means next month is JANUARY! 
Which marks the start of the YEAR YEAR!
The year our 2nd baby will be born!

 Aaron 1-day-old in the hospital. 
My big 10 lbs 4.7 oz baby!

My goals for next month/year are all baby-related. 
In my former blog, 
I wrote about "Prepping for Baby
which I am still referencing now as a "what to do." 
So let's revisit that list. 


1. Finalize Nursery
Easy to finalize when you don't change anything
We already moved Aaron out to his own room, 
so this is done!

2. Hire a Deep Clean Service 
Cleaning Lady comes every 2 weeks!
I would get rid of cable before I got rid of her!

3. Stock up on freezer meals. 
Before Aaron, I cooked and cooked and cooked.
I see myself doing exactly NONE of that now. 
I expect all of my food will be grilled cheese or takeout. 
Perfect for losing that baby weight (snort). 

4. Stock up on paper goods. 

You'd think it wouldn't be a lot of effort to load and unload a dishwasher, 
but anything is effort with sleep deprivation and breastfeeding. 

5. Unpack and wash baby clothes. 
I can't wait to do this. 
I absolutely cannot wait to get out all those tiny little outfits!

6. Sign up for Amazon Mom 
Sadly, I can't do this twice. 
But I am very seriously considering Amazon Prime. 


1. Select Pediatrician 
Done!  (Same as Aaron's) 

2. Pre-register at hospital and anestheologists 

3. Install infant car seat 

4. Get infant car seat inspected 
At this point, we'll skip this. 
We have become masters of car seat installation. 

5. Pack hospital bag. 


1. Create a folder for FMLA / ST Disability / Insurance 

2. Upload all addresses for birth announcements 

3. Buy 2 rolls of stamps for birth announcements 

4. Put bills on autopay 
I can't think of a single bill we've manually paid in the last year.

5. File taxes
Why do I always give birth right around tax season? 
Need to fix that for any future babies...


 1. Crib mattress 
(we stole it for Aaron's room) 

2. Daytime and Nighttime Diapers  
Size 1 - because no chance I'm birthing a baby the size of a newborn.
As much as I want to go all crunchy hippie with special diapers, 
I'll probably stick with the same Pampers Swaddlers we had with Aaron. 
Because you can't beat 2-day delivery from!
 (Or can you?  Aside from Amazon prime.)

3. Wipes 
We use Pampers sensitive on Aaron (since he's not nighttime potty-trained), 
but I prefer Huggies One-and-done for the breastfeeding poops. 
From our prior experience, Pampers Sensitive tend to be more "slippery" 
and aren't as good at scraping the super-thick poop off baby's bottom. 

4. Baby Bottles
 I tossed all of our medela baby bottles. 
The plastic had disintegrated over extended use 
(pumping for 14 months!) 
and it totally grossed me out. 
This time, I'm spending the BIG MONEY 
and getting LifeFactory glass
Not only are they durable, 
supposedly clip into the Medela pump, 
but they also convert to sippy cup with simple caps


  1. Eek I'm tired just reading this! But sounds like you're totally on top of things, so props to you. Ok and how did I not know Aaron was such a GIANT baby?! The twins were each 5+ pounds so he was close to weighing what my two weighed combined, ha!

  2. In catching up on my blog reading I realized that I accidentally skipped this writing prompt but it seems like a good one to do for January! Also, I had decided I wasn't to going to make any freezer meals for Rachel's birth but then about a month before she was born I panicked and ended up making a bunch. I was really glad I did it. I also made Dave help make the meals :)