Friday, December 11, 2015

Week 25: What Made Your Day Special?

Week 25 in the 30 Week Writing Challenge

What made your day special?

I had intended for us to go ice skating last weekend, 
and was going to litter my blog with beautifully scenic ice skating photos. 
But since that didn't happen, 
I thought I'd take a different approach. 
What was special each day this week? 

A 2-hour afternoon nap on the couch
I don't nap. 
Like ever. 
So the RARE times I fall asleep on the couch are just so blissful. 

Movie + Popcorn with Aaron 
My favorite memories with my dad include this popcorn popper. 
Aaron loves it as much as I did as a kid. 
I DVR'ed Polar Express, 
we popped popcorn, 
and Aaron even snuggled with me on the couch. 
Snuggles are as rare as my naps and as heart-melting as you get. 
The actual Polar Express movie? 
I don't know how this movie became a Christmas classic, 
because I wanted to stab myself in the eye every 5 minutes. 
DVR button? DELETE

 waiting in anticipation for the popcorn to pop 

fuzzy picture of us cuddled together in the mancave, 
on the world's ugliest couch that will be trashed the second we move

Wrapping presents with Aaron. 
I love love LOVE wrapping presents. 
I prefer to wrap them as the amazon boxes arrive because: 
(a) it is easier to store until gift-giving date
(b) it spreads out the fun. 
Additionally, this gives Aaron time to practice with scissors. 
Funny story here. 
My coworker's son just started kindergarten. 
And while he gets awesome scores all over his weekly report card, 
he is sadly below average in "cutting" skills. 
My coworker's response: 
"How the f**k did I know I was supposed to teach him scissor skills before kindergarten? 
I thought that was the POINT of kindergarten." 
Now, every week when the report card comes out, 
she shouts over (in our open office environment): 
So here we are: 

Aaron and I made cookies.
I've been cooking/baking with Aaron since January
and have loved it every since.
He's so cute and so enthusiastic. 
I cannot WAIT for him to open one of his presents: 
a kids-size Williams Sonoma apron

Free desserts at work
My coworker brought in two huge containers of Christmas cookies. 
And as Amanda pointed out in her post
free food is the BEST. 

Aaron and I went to the mall after work. 
I love the mall at Christmas. 
We admired the giant tree, 
waved at Santa, 
and found the largest menorah I'd ever seen. 
Aaron exclaimed: "It's Clifford's menorah!" 

Friday (today)
I am home. 
Adam is working. 
Aaron is at daycare. 
And aside from my Favorite Person in the World stopping by 
(our cleaning lady), 
I have the whole day to do WHATEVER I WANT. 
Cue the hallelujah chorus! 

And I know it's going to be a good day, 

because I just spent the last 5 minutes CRYING (like, actual tears) 
laughing at this list of awkward tweets. 
There are still tears. 
People are tweeting their most awkward moments.


  1. So much specialness but ESPECIALLY your free day today! I hope it was wonderful and relaxing and everything you hoped it would be and more. Brian and I actually both took the day off as well and while it was fun to spend time together, we didn't do much relaxing- boo. Also, I'm hoping the daycare will teach the twins to use scissors, along with pretty much every basic life skill that I don't want to be responsible for teaching, ha!

  2. I have lots of scissor teaching tips, so let me know if you want to hear them! And, no offense to your coworker, kindergarten is wayyyyy too late to start!!!

  3. I love this way of doing it. Now I'm going to look for one thing every day which makes my day special. Also, that list of tweets was GOLD. Loved it!

    And pfft... Rachel is learning scissor skills in kindergarten. Now she comes home every day with tons of mini scraps of paper in her backpack. It's special.