Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Week 26: Something You Could Never Tire of Doing

Week 26 in the 30 Week Writing Challenge

Something you could never get tired of doing 

Does eating count? 
Or not. 

For this I have to say ORGANIZING

I love 
to organize. 

Tackling a new space and organizing it 
gives me butterflies that I cannot explain. 

The absolute thrill of taking something that's a total mess, 
and rearranging 
is the greatest therapy for me. 
An absolute bad-day-fixer in a moment.  

Our basement storage areas are constant disasters. 
And periodically I'll tackle them (example here), 
but I also appreciate quick project likes my freezer here: 

Our office has "clean out day" every Earth Day, 
and its my favorite day of the year. 
My coworkers think I'm crazy. 
I love sorting through old boxes, 
shredding unimportant papers and sending the rest of Iron Mountain for archiving. 

When I see people's disorganized rooms, 
I secretly wish they'd invite me over to organize. 
Closets are my favorite, 
but I'll take kitchens, 

My parents have acquired a fair amount of "stuff' over time, 
and while my sisters and I spent some time in January purging their basement, 
I would LOVE to have at my parents' kitchen 
and get rid of 30-year-old tupperware that is long past it's prime. 

Seriously, if anyone wants to invite me over to organize, 
I'll even bring food!


  1. Oh, do I hear you on this one. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who secretly longs to organize my friends' houses! Sometimes they even ask me to help and I LOVE it!!!

  2. I am so with you on this! I am also so with you on eating. And I still so have no idea what I want to write my post about.

  3. I'll never forget all the spices at your moms house . . . Rosemary, Crushed Rosemary, Ground Rosemary, Rosemary Sprigs . . . so - many - spices!!!!

  4. Also, I have a walk in closet that you can have at! Also about 2 tons of preschool toys/learning games/books/art supplies . . . Oh my . . . This is the problem with teaching. It requires you to own so much stuff but doesn't allow you any free time to organize it!! I will never achieve my life goal of living in a tiny house because of my profession.