Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Week 27: How You Envision Your Life to Be

Week 27 in the 30 Week Writing Challenge

How your envision your life to be

One aspect of my ESFJ personality
is that I place a lot of value on doing something 
"the way it's supposed to be done."

So when I got this topic, 
I panicked a moment and thought: 
"Is it how I envisioned my life would be now?" 
"Is it how I envision my life will go?" 
"Or is it, detailing my thoughts about my life right now?" 

My gut reaction was to email Amanda and Natasha
to see how they interrupted this. 
Because I wanted to make sure I was answering "the right way." 

And then I decided, 
"Stop, Emily. 
It's a writing challenge. 
Not a graded essay." 

So I'm interpreting this as: 

If I were to picture my dream life, 
what would it be? 



Let's start with kids. 
I like a lot of kids. 

I'd love 3-4 kids of my own. 
And then adopt 1 or 2 more. 

I also want twins. 
Like really want twins. 
I know it's like the marathon of parenting, 
but I think it's so cool to raise two best friends. 


I have two types of dreams, 
the realistic dream and the win-the-lottery-dream

The realistic dream would have us in a comfortable 4-bedroom suburban home, 
with a private backyard, 
on a cul de sac. 
Totally attainable, 
and in a few months, might be real item. 
(No leads just yet though!)

The win-the-lottery dream would have us in a mansion 
on the Main Line. 
While this is a realistic dream if Adam were to make partner, 
but I don't see Adam wanting to make partner. 
And quite frankly, after those 12midnight / 1:30am nights, 
I don't want him to either!

(Not actually a main line mansion,
 but oh my I want that sunroom!)


Pets are dirty. 
So are children. 
But children say things like: "I love you" 
and pets just slobber. 

My perfect-picture pet would be a big strong dog, 
maybe even with a rottweiler mix. 
Smart as a whip. 
Gentle, yet protective. 
 So basically, I want Shadow from Homeward Bound. 
Except not a golden retriever 
because they shed like crazy. 

What would I do

Once the kids were all in school, 
I would go back to culinary arts school. 
I love food, 
and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to train in preparing it. 
In the we-win-the-lottery scenario, 
I'd also open a Wine & Tappas bar 
(just like Tria in Center City).
But even without the lottery money, 
I'd love to enroll in culinary arts school. 

This made me laugh more than it should. 
It's an actual greeting card you can buy here.

Where would we go

I already wrote about my love of international travel here.
Where else would I go? 
Definitely Southern Italy. 
Perhaps back to Africa for a Safari. 
And someday to mainland Asia (China, India, etc), 
but that's gonna take a lot of wine and Valium to get through that flight again. 


And we'll call that a wrap. 
Trust me, there is more. 
So much more. 
SOOOOOO much more. 
But I don't want to reveal all my dreams in one place, haha.


  1. Is it cheating if I say I waited until either you or Amanda tackled this topic because I don't know how to approach it either! I'll definitely be joining you on the international travel aspect of things!

  2. It actually is a graded essay, you didn't know that?!? You get an A+ :) And if you end up getting those twins, I'll be here to pep talk you through it!!