Thursday, January 7, 2016

26 Weeks

26 Weeks.  
Just chugging along. 

Baby Size
Head of lettuce

Total Weight Gain
13.5 lbs 
(-4.5 lbs than with Aaron) 
I was starting to pull away from my weight with Aaron, 
then Christmas happened. 


Sausage & cheese on croissant breakfast sandwich
(made by our work cafeteria, not by fast food restaurants) 
I had one this morning and nearly died of happiness. 

Symptoms of the Week
Lots and lots and lots of kicking. 
Baby Brother has switched from night-time kicking 
to daytime kicking. 
I'm not complaining 
but it's still odd sometimes. 
I'm also certain he is NOT head-down, 
which I'm trying to not worry about just yet. 

What I miss
Wearing all my regular clothes. 
The shirt in this week's picture is among the last of the non-maternity. 

Still Running?
It was VERY ROUGH getting back into it after a week off. 
In fact, the first run was so painful I had to stop and walk a bit. 
My mileage ended up being: 
- 2.2 miles (assume 0.4 miles walking) 
- 1.4 miles (ran off the road by a car, so that brought that run to an abrupt halt!) 
- 3.15 miles (excellent run)

Excited for
Relaxing weekends. 
I love the holidays, I really do. 
But I also love the nothingness that ensues in January. 
I'm sure I'll be bored halfway through the month. 

General Mood
I am well into the Second Trimester Honeymoon, 
and in some small way, 
am dreading the onset of the third trimester. 
Yes, it means I'm closer to this baby. 
But months 8 and 9 were the WORST with Aaron, 
and I just dread the insomnia, back pain, headaches, 
and all the other stuff that comes along. 

26 weeks with Aaron here


  1. Looking good! I'm sure it was the same for you with Aaron, but when I was pregnant with the twins and the new year rolled around, it felt like everything sped up so quickly and before I knew it, they were here! All that to say, I hope the uncomfortable final months fly by :)

  2. You look good and your running is awesome! Way better than me and I'm not pregnant. Ha!

    Also, I agree with Amanda, with Sam (born March 30) all of a sudden time started flying by after January 1 hit.