Tuesday, January 26, 2016

29 Weeks

29 Weeks. 
This week was a tough one. 
Lots of bad sleeping, 
aches and pains, 
and general discomfort. 
But hard to tell how much of that is my poor diet 
and sedentary lifestyle, 
versus the same old 

Baby Size
Acorn squash. 
I've cooked a lot of squash, but never acorn. 

Total Weight Gain
16 lbs 
1.5 lbs gain week-over-week. 
To prepare for the blizzard, we ordered Papa John's
and subsided off of greasy pizza 
and carby pasta all weekend. 
It's really a wonder I didn't gain 5 lbs. 

(- 7 lbs versus with Aaron)

Not great. 
Early in the week wasn't too bad, 
but once the blizzard hit, 
I started getting pretty bad insomnia. 
'm chalking it up to diet and lack of exercise. 
I'm periodically waking up with really bad leg cramps. 
I haven't been to yoga in 2 weeks (thanks, blizzard) 
and I need to go back before they get worse. 

That said, all of this could just be foreshadowing the inevitable 
Third Trimester Insomnia
which I dread with every part of my fat preggo being. 

Nothing in particular.

Symptoms of the Week
Middle-of-the-night leg cramps. 
Restless sleep. 

What I miss
I know I said on instagram that being pregnant during a blizzard is awesome, 
because it relieves me of shoveling duties. 
what I didn't factor in was being cooped up with a toddler for 4 days straight. 
Cabin fever sober? 

Still Running
Very early in the week, I did about 1.8 and 2.2 miles. 
It was blistering cold, 
like "real feel of 3 degrees" cold. 
I can only take one kind of discomfort at a time while running. 
Non-preggo Emily could run in absolute bitter cold, 
because my only discomfort was cold. 
But now that I have this ginormous belly hanging out, 
that in itself provides its own discomfort. 
And then add in icy cold winds... 
And now with snow piles turning our neighborhood into 
one-lane roads, 
I'm not sure HOW to go running these next few days, 
without serious risk of being hit by a car
or slipping on ice. 
Can I find a gym that will offer me a one-week membership?
Good news is that it's supposed to get near 50s next week, 
so let's hope for some very serious melting. 

Excited for
Is it too early to wish my pregnancy over? 

General Mood
Physically, I'm over it
I hate the sleep discomfort. 
I hate the running discomfort. 
And I hate most of all, 
that it's going to get SO MUCH WORSE in the next 2.5 months. 
2.5 months left to go. 
That is an absolute eternity. 
Some people think the third trimester flies by, 
but with Aaron it draggggged. 
I dread the third trimester discomfort, 
more than I dread giving birth.

Many many weeks has this pink shirt made the post? 
Has to be like 5 or something by now. 

29 Weeks with Aaron here


  1. I bet being snowed in while being pregnant with no additional children to tend to would actually be pretty great (minus the inability to get in some exercise, of course)... too bad you couldn't ship Aaron off to the grandparents' house while you did absolutely nothing in total and complete silence :)

  2. Could you go to the local highschool and run on an indoor track?

  3. Oh, I remember the joy of being pregnant in winter. Or not. At least it got me out of snow shoveling but oh, the cabin fever. And the leg cramps. I think I have leg cramp PTSD now.