Monday, January 18, 2016

Aaron's Sayings

This age right here is one of my FAVORITE ages. 
The sentences this kid makes up. 
Just kills me. 
Absolutely kills me. 

At least once a day, he says something that makes me laugh out loud. 
I fail completely at writing anything down, 
but I do text as much as I can to Adam, 
thus maintaining SOME sort of verbal record. 

A few of my favorites: 


While driving home from daycare... 

Me: "Uh oh.  A car accident over there." 
Aaron:  "What happened?" 
Me: "One car hit another car." 
Aaron: "That car should get a time out!" 


Aaron isn't watching where he's going, 
and walks into a wall.
Me: **Laughs**

Aaron: "Not funny, Mommy, not funny!" 


Aaron loves Star Wars, 
Despite never seeing the movie, 
Or reading any books. 

But he can tell us about the characters, 
And their colored light sabers. 
He pronounced most quite well, 
But my favorite: 
"Obi Wan Kenobi" 
"Obi kabobi" 


We were at a restaurant ordering food, 
when it was finally his turn, 
Aaron looked the waitress in the eye and stated: 

"I want chicken nuggets 
and french fries. 
I want it RIGHT NOW." 

He said it very politely and nicely, 
but he made his point clear. 
Right now, lady. 
Got it? 
Now go fetch. 


  1. Ha, I always love reading these! The restaurant one is my favorite... I've been tempted to say that to servers before myself :)

  2. I love how kids think that demanding things with a "please" makes everything all better. I'm also glad I have a blog so I remember all the funny things my kids say.