Friday, January 22, 2016

I Won Another Giveaway!

Remember how I said I never win giveaways, 
then I won the Little Gadgets giveaway
Well, perhaps my luck is changing, 
because I won AGAIN. 

I should just pack up and go to Vegas huh? 

I won the Cute Little Babes 
giveaway from Pardon my French.  

And just recently my purchases arrived! 

(To interject, in case you are silly enough to this I'd ever have sponsored posts, 
this is not sponsored.) 

So what's my evaluation? 

1. Omg, softness. 
The material is outstanding. 
I want them to make leggings in my size!

2. The patterns are adorable. 

3. The price is insane. 

Yes, I know I spend triple that (or more) for me, 
but I wear mine forever
How long is a baby in one size of baby clothes? 
A month, max? 

Aaron was dressed in mostly Carter's his first year, 
because of (a) free gifts, 
and (b) it's just dirt cheap. 
Of course, the quality is farrrrrrrrrrrr less, 
like falling-off-a-cliff difference, 
but again, the kid is wearing them for a MONTH. 

I didn't start buying Aaron GAP until he was in a size 18-24 because 
(a) that's when the free clothing gifts ran out and 
(b) it was the first size he stayed in for months!

I'm all on board for mom-entrepreneur boutiques, 
and I ABSOLUTELY realize this is an appropriate price for handmade clothing 
(I'm no idiot; I know the cost advantage of a mass-produced factory in China), 
but I just can't bring myself to spend that much on baby clothes. 

So yes, I absolutely love these leggings. 
I cannot wait to put them on Baby Brother. 
And if you don't blink about spending $$$ on baby clothes, 
PLEASE go check them out. 
I'm happy with my freebies.  


  1. Super cute! But yes, I still blink about spending $$$ even on toddler clothes, so I prob wouldn't drop that kind of cash on baby pants either. I think the most ridiculous amount of money I've spent on clothing for either twin was when I bought Clara a full-priced smocked owl dress for $60+. Barf. But it was super cute and she wore it a long time, so I tell myself it was worth it :)

  2. Yes, I cannot handle spending a ton of money on kids' clothes. I also can't handle spending a lot of money on my clothes. But these are really cute.