Monday, January 11, 2016

Mama's Day Off - Year End Close

If you think I've had a lot of "Mama's Day Off" recently, 
coupled with an over-and-above amount of purging, 
I absolutely have. 

1. My pregnancy nesting is in overdrive
I don't ever remember being this crazy with Aaron. 
Perhaps because I spent my whole pregnancy planning his nursery
and now I'm searching to do something
So why not rip my house apart? 

2. We are hoping to move this year. 
(We keep looking at houses, but nothing has struck our fancy yet.)
I don't want to carry crap from one house to another. 

2. In 3 months, I will be alone again exactly NEVER. 
I will have a miniature human attached to me at all times. 
Savor it now! 

Back to this day... 

Year-end close is hell for anyone in corporate finance. 
I made a deal with my boss that I'd come in on Sunday 
if I got Friday off "for free" 
(or "comp day" if you prefer). 
She happily agreed, 
and hence my Friday Mama's Day Off was born! 
Rather than hacking away at a huge list of items, 
I had one real goal: 
Tackle the remaining "memory boxes" buried far under our stairs. 
I had tackled much of our under-stairs during Christmas Mama's Day Off
but I had left 4 boxes of "memories." 
"Memories" are the hardest to purge and sort. 
Those boxes collected items that at one point meant a lot to me, 
and it was the question of 
"Does this STILL mean a lot to me?" 
"Am I keeping this because I'm afraid to get rid of it?" 
In the end, I consolidated 4 boxes down to 1. 
Things that made the final cut: 
- Lots of pictures (obviously) 
- Fictional stories I'd written in my youth   
- Journals  
- Wedding memorabilia 
- my Littlest Pet Shops (easily my favorite toys from my childhood) 
Meanwhile, my cleaning lady came by 
(cue hallelujah chorus). 
Normally I go do errands and stay out of her way, 
but today I stuck around, 
and we chatted as we crossed paths. 
My cleaning lady is one of the most interesting people I know, 
and some day you'll see a random post all about her and her awesomeness. 
I kind of want to be her, minus the cleaning part. 
Eventually, I left to do errands (and get Chik-Fil-A!) 
then return for more. 
Once I had accomplished my mission, 
Think full-on panting. 
Like I had just gone for a 3 mile run. 
So I settled myself on the couch 
and treated myself to a lazy afternoon with the movie Max
I loved the movie. 
Very predicable, very typical storyline, 
but it's still that heart-warming sweet story that gets me every time. 
And I cried like 20 times. 
So totally pregnant-woman-appropriate! 
After the sweet, heart-warming movie, 
I missed Aaron 
and left to pick him up early from daycare. 
I picked him up and we went to the "Big Toy Store" 
(Toys R' Us) 
so I could pick out a baby book for Baby Brother. 
Of course, this meant wandering the aisles forever, 
which I secretly love too. 
I will forever be a kid at heart when it comes to toys. 
At one point, Aaron was admiring a set of Calico Critters, 
and I asked: 
"What do you see, Aaron?" 
And without turning around, 
he scolded: 
"No talking, Mommy. I looking." 
Aside from getting a baby book, 
we also scored Thomas and Mickey Christmas wrapping paper for $1 each
We headed home, 
had dinner, 
bubble bath, 
screamed through the monthly toenail clipping experience, 
read Horton Hears a Who for the 13,000,000th time, 
and off to bed. 
This was, by far, my most balanced Mama's Day Off I've ever had.   
Usually I just run myself ragged getting everything done, 
but spending the morning being productive
and the afternoon on the couch, 
was absolutely perfection.




  1. Sounds like another wonderful day off and I am, once again, totally jealous! Also love Aaron's sass at the toy store... I get that response a lot from the twinkies these days. Can't wait to hear it in their teenage years (except not).

  2. Ah yes, previews of teenage sass (and clothing fights) how I love you. But not really.

    Also, you are inspiring me to sort through my Second Box Of Sentimental Crap. Why is that stuff sooooo hard to get rid of???