Friday, January 1, 2016

Recap of those 25 things

Early on in the 30 Week Writing Challenge
I had to list 25 things to do before my birthday. 
(Original post here). 

Well, my birthday is here! 
And what have I accomplished? 

Total intended: 25 
Total accomplished: 19
Total failed: 6

Not too bad if I do say so myself!

1. Attempt making Beef Bourguignon 

2. Read "the life-changing magic of tidying up
Read about my gushing here

3. See Jurassic World 
Snuck in right before it left theaters on Adam's birthday!

4. Take Aaron to see his first movie 
Read all about it here.

5. Buy a new sports bra
(probably stick with classic Under Armour, 
but I'm so intrigued by these by Victoria's Secret)
I didn't blog about this, 
but I bought the Under Armour High Impact Protegee bra
It's... okay. 
It works fine, 
but it's honestly not as comfortable as my other bras. 

6. Get a facial 
Accomplished during my Mama's Days Off

7. Read "Not That Kind of Girl"
in order to understand everyone's obsession with Lena Dunham 
Book review here
Still don't understand the obsession.

8. Send my sister a box of goodies while she's at camp
Ok, so I didn't send her a box of goodies, 
BUT I wrote her 3 letters AND included a $5 bill. 
So that's about as good as a box of goodies, right???

9. Finish re-lining our kitchen cabinets 
I'm gonna go ahead and check this off, 
because I only have one left to go, 
but I ran out of shelf-liner paper
So... close enough. 

10. Make up our mind on what the hell to do with the still-working, 
but-takes-too-much-space Heineken Kegerator
Anyone in the Philly area want it?!?!
Donated during one of my house purges on our stay-cation

11. Send in t-shirts for a T-Shirt Quilt 

12. Finally work up the courage to epilate above my knee

13. Take my mom out for lunch 
Well... I can KIND OF say I did this. 
I gave my mom a "I'll take you out to brunch at your favorite spot" 
coupon for Christmas. 
So even though the event has not occurred, 
the invitation is there. 
And believe you me, she will cash in on that. 
I'm calling it done. 

14. Buy new high-quality blush 
Again done during our stay-cation. 

15. Try for the 10th time to like lentils, 
and maybe this salad will do it

16. Give Aaron a bubble bath 
I used Babyganics (sold at Target!) fragrance-free bubble bath 
(it got a great rating on EWG Skin Deep) 
and was shocked at how long the bubbles held up.

17. Have a "real" date night out with Adam, 
complete with nice dinner and something besides a movie 
Another checked off during our stay-cation

18. Buy a fun, frivolous pair of heels... just because
I bought new boots
and even though it's only like a 2-inch heel, 
I'm still counting it.  

19. Have my rings professionally cleaned
Another accomplishment during Mama's Day Off!

20. Enjoy a Girl's Happy Hour at the swim club 
*A few picture snaps here.

21. Update Adam's non-work wardrobe 
(I confess he still has clothing from our American Eagle days 
I'll say this was partially accomplished once I discovered 
J. Crew Tall and other tall-specific shops 
and starting adding t-shirts, button-ups, and sweaters into his collection. 
But I have a long way to go. 
Like, an entire dresser left to go. 

22. Have a family day at Sesame Place
For the record, we planned to do this during our stay-cation
but then learned that Sesame Place closes during the week once school starts. 
Which makes sense I guess 
(even though Disney World doesn't ... just sayin'
and we didn't have any other free weekends to do it. 
So... next year?

23. Be a cool mom (for once) 
and make some creative pinterest food for Aaron

24. Move into our new HQs at work 
Oh yes, and I bitched all about it here.

25. Get pregnant 
Baby #2 due April 12th! 

I have to note that most of my failures occurred after the success of #25. 
Pregnant Emily tackling something as complicated as Beef Bourguignon? 
Haha, No.


  1. Way to go on all of your accomplishments! And Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day.

  2. I mean, I'd say even if you didn't accomplish 1-24, 25 alone would make this list a success, so props to you for overachieving :) Hope you're having a very happy birthday and start to 2016!