Monday, January 4, 2016

So what about those 2015 goals?

While everyone is broadcasting their 2016 goals, 
it made me think: 
"Did I even HAVE goals for 2015?" 

Yes, apparently, I did! 
I apparently wrote a post for 2015 goals here

So... how did I do? 
I had more failures than successes. 

Grade A: 2 
Grade B: 2 
Grade C: 1 
Grade D: 1 
Grade F: 3 

Let's see...

A Bad Habit to Break: 
Staying up too late. 

Grade: B 

Getting pregnant helped tremendously here, 
where I started going to bed at 8:30-9pm. 
Ideally, I should be climbing into bed around 9pm 
to get my max sleep. 
And I think I averaged around 9:30-10, 
so not great but not too horrible either.  

A destination I'd like to visit: 
Napa Valley 

Grade: F

We didn't even travel outside the state. 
At least we took a small trip to Penn State
but again, nothing even out of state 
(except NY, but that doesn't count) 

I'm going to work harder at: 
Putting down my damn phone 

Grade: F 

No words needed here. 

A project I'd like to finish: 
Toy Rotation 

Grade: A+ 

I love our toy rotation 
and it has worked WONDERFULLY this year. 
It keeps our house much cleaner (less toys = less mess), 
which means more sanity for me. 
Aaron loves picking out a "new toy" 
but it helps me to enforce "ok, but you have to put away [x]" 
Absolutely totally worth it. 

A class I'd like to take: 

Grade: F

Didn't happen. 

I'd like to spend more time: 

Grade: A

I'm not sure if I actually read more this year, 
or if I FEEL like I read more because I documented it in my Books series
I found a ton of favorites this year. 
Including the new Mindy book (of course), 
the Knockoff, Primates of Park Avenue, and the Rosie Project. 

I want to eat more: 

Grade: B+ 

Good thing I didn't say vegetables, because that would be an F. 
I really worked more fruits into my lunches this year, 
taking the time to prep things that are not necessarily 
"easy access" fruits (apples, grapes, etc). 
I could do better, but I'm impressed with my progress. 

I want to wear more: 

Grade: C 

I did acquire more dresses, 
but I didn't necessarily wear them. 

Books I'd like to read: 
Gone Girl - nope 
Dad is Fat - yes 
Yes Please - yes 

Grade: D

66% should get me a D, right? 

Now the question... 
any goals for 2016?  

Yes, just one. 


  1. I need to do a post following up on my resolutions so thanks for reminding me! And props to you for the positive changes you've made... good thing you can recycle some of the others for 2016 if you want, right?!

  2. Selfishly I'm glad for your book reading goals because they've influenced my life for the better.

    I was doing pretty well at my 2015 resolutions until I started working full-time. I made my resolutions when I was a SAHM and obviously, fell off the wagon then.

    Thanks to the 30 Week Writing Challenge (and another blogger I occasionally read), I'm doing monthly goals in 2016 rather than yearly ones.