Monday, January 25, 2016

The Blizzard of January 2016

The blizzard of January 2016! 

I always love a good blizzard, 
particularly a weekend one where I don't have to worry about working. 
Our 5pm reading (with it still snowing): 

Final official record: 26.1".
Center city Philadelphia "only" got 22", 
which based on this pre-storm graphic, 
puts it at the 4th biggest snowstorm ever!

The February 2010 blizzard is especially memorable for Adam and I, 
as we went to the bar that night with three of our friends, 
and ended up playing in the abandoned streets of the Main Line 
until who-knows-when in the morning. 
Same blizzard where I lost my keys. 
Good times. 

Back to the present. 

On Wednesday, I succumbed to the greatest stereotype ever:
the bread, milk, and eggs run 
(sans eggs). 
As a mom, this now makes sense. 
Milk is for cereal. 
Bread is for sandwiches. 
So if the power goes out, you can still have meals without cooking. 
Eggs... well, that I don't get, because if the power goes out, you can't cook eggs. 

I also stopped at the beer store to pick up a case of Blue Moon for Adam. 
And Aaron got a lollipop, 
because our beer store is the smartest ever. 

Saturday morning we woke up to the winter wonderland. 
Remember when I did this graphic? 

So true. 

With only a foot on the ground, 
Adam attempted to clear off the cars while Aaron played in the street. 

Aaron wiped himself out and rewarded up with a 2.5 hour nap. 

Adam went out again later to clear the next foot off, 
but Aaron opted to stay in because "snow hurt my face."

Sunday was bright, sunny, and beautiful. 
More snow play! 

Overall, a good blizzard. 
Two thumbs up by us!


  1. This is so nuts to me! I would not even know what to do with myself if I walked out of the house and saw this much snow. Glad y'all got to enjoy it!

  2. That is excellent! I'm assuming Adam got to stay home and enjoy it all with you which makes it even better.