Friday, January 15, 2016

Unexplained Fears

Things my 2.5 year old is NOT afraid of

1. Costumed characters, 
including, but not limited to: 
Elmo and the Chick-Fil-A cow 
(daycare said he was the ONLY kid not terrified when the cow came to visit). 

2. Santa 

3. Dogs.  Even giant scary-looking dogs. 

4. Strangers

Things my 2.5 year old IS afraid of: 

1. The tractors in Pixar's Cars movies

2. Finding Nemo movie and Minion movie 
(no explanation gives for either; 
he has simply deemed them "scary" and refuses to watch them) 

3. Technology beeping. 
When I use the "Find my Phone" beep from the iPad, 
he runs to me in fear of the beeping. 

Someone please psycho-analyze my child and explain this!!!! 

Because I would run SCREAMING from this freaky thing... 

But can't find anything scary here... 


  1. Ha the twins love Finding Nemo but there are a few potentially scary shark scenes, so maybe that's it?! Who knows. Clara is terrified of the vacuum cleaner (and any sudden/loud noises, really) and the dark (typical), but Colby seems pretty fearless... besides Santa, of course.

  2. Sam and Rachel always skip ahead of the tractor scene in Cars. They find it terrifying. And Sam is almost seven, FYI.

    Also, I saw a big Elmo getting on the bus on Saturday (I was driving) and I was SO THANKFUL not to be getting on that bus too. Gah.