Wednesday, February 3, 2016

30 Weeks

30 Weeks. 
Reading last weeks' post I sound like a miserable cranky preggo lady. 
(And I was.) 
But amazing what some diet improvements, 
and general mobility help with!

Baby Size

Total Weight Gain
16.5 lbs
(-8 lbs with Aaron)

I wake up a lot, 
but as long as I can fall back asleep, 
it's been good.

Turkey, Bacon & Pepperjack Wrap
I've always been a pack-my-lunch kind of gal, 
but recently I got into wraps, 
and hard as I try, 
I can't make a good wrap myself (without it getting soggy). 
Our cafeteria makes these BANGIN' AWESOME turkey & bacon wraps. 

Symptoms of the Week
Nonstop baby kicking. 

What I miss
Went out with the girls Saturday night 
(and stayed out to midnight - gold star for me!). 
I had a sip of my friend's cucumber martini. 

Still Running?
 Yes.  Not far, but still moving. 
1.1 and 1.5. 

The 1.1 was on a treadmill. 
My solution to the snow dilemma caused by The Blizzard 
was to get a free 3-day pass at a local gym. 
It was my first time on a treadmill in about 4 years. 
And I remember WHY I haven't been on a treadmill in 4 years. 
3 minutes in and I wanted to burn the gym to the ground. 

A few days later the snow receded 
(like the flood waters of Noah's Ark, haha) 
 and I went back out to do 1.5 miles, 
and ahhhhhh, so good. 

I would really like to get back up to 2 miles this next week. 
I hadn't planned on dropping from 3 to 1 in my third trimester, 
and I feel like my body could comfortably do 2. 
We'll see. 

Excited for
My BFF has her son's 4th birthday party this weekend, 
and I admit that I love kids birthday parties. 
Games and cake. 
What more could you ask for? 

Also, let's not forget the Superbowl
Obviously, living in Philadelphia, we are Eagles fans, 
but since that's not happening anytime this decade, 
I have a tiered level of interests. 
First of all, ANYONE BUT the Pats. 
Sorry, New England, but Tom Brady drives me nuts. 
I've always been a Peyton Manning fan (his lame commercials make me chuckle), 
so I'd love to see him be the first QB to win a superbowl with two different teams. 
But I also won't be disappointed if the Panthers win. 
Nothing against either team, really. 

General Mood: 
Definitely better than last week. 
I went back to eating healthy (no more pizza take-out), 
exercising, and generally keeping more mobile.

That said, I did have one ugly break-down cry this weekend. 
Adam got called in the office Sunday afternoon 
and didn't come home until Monday afternoon, 
making it his first official overnight at the office. 
Sunday night when Aaron had a meltdown at bedtime, 
I did too and the two of us sat on his floor crying. 

But besides that, physically I'm feeling good. 

30 weeks with Aaron here


  1. EEEEEK 30 weeks makes it seem so close! Hope that doesn't stress you out :) You look cute in your pic and I'm glad to hear you're in better spirits (minus the mental breakdown with Aaron on his bedroom floor... totally understandable)!

  2. I still sometimes have simultaneous meltdowns with my kids. Life just sucks sometimes. That said, I'm glad you had a better week.

    Also, your lunch cravings remind me of the vegetarian sandwich I ate EVERY DAY for lunch from the cafeteria at work for the last three months (I worked there) of Rachel's pregnancy. It was pretty much the only meal of the day I enjoyed :)

    And to explain the parentheses, I took early maternity leave with Rachel since I knew we'd be moving out of the province before my "regular" mat leave with her would be up. It was awesome.