Monday, February 1, 2016

Almost Impulse Buys at Target - Valentines Day Edition

I finally figured out who inspired me to do this stupid little series. 
Bridget at Tales of Me and the Husband posts these Target series, 
and they are my FAVORITE. 

Now that credit is given, let's move on...

I love holidays and holiday themes. 
Unfortunately, I'm not creative enough to actually DO anything about it, 
but that doesn't stop me from wanting to buy all the holiday-themed crap at Target! 

Valentine's Day Straw Cups 
Price: $3.99 

Like, how cute are these? 
Particularly since I want to make these strawberry floats
these would be the perfect shape!
But really, do I need more crappy plastic hoarding up my cupboard space? 

Lindt Strawberries & Cream Truffles 
Price: $4.49 

Lindt is my favorite mass-truffle manufacturer (more than Godiva!), 
but do I need a bag of 10,000 calories in my house? 

 Essie "Buy Me a Cameo" nailpolish 
Price: $8.49 

Considering how infrequently I do my nails, 
it's crazy how much I love nail polish. 
I love the look of a good manicure, 
but don't have the patience to do it myself, 
or time to go weekly to get one done. 
So why buy more nailpolish I won't use?

 Puppy Salt & Pepper Shakers 
Price: $2.99 x 2 = $5.98 

I admit to a lot of weird S&P shakers. 
I got it from my Grandma, 
who has a huge collection of all sorts of figurines. 
I LOVED setting them out all over the table at holidays 
(she had enough for one per every other person), 
but do I need them? 

Pretty floral pillow 
Price: $24.99 

I won't lie if this was a pillow case cover
I probably would have bought it. 
But I already invested in some super nice down throw pillows, 
so I don't need more random pillows. 

Pretty Baby Outfit 
Price: $16.00 

I have 101 reasons to not buy new baby clothes. 
And they are all hanging in the closet from the last baby. 
But.... it's SO CUTE! 

Coloring Book and Super Tip Markers 
Price: $5 for the book and ~$3.50 for the markers 

You may notice by their placement IN MY CART that yes, 
I did indeed buy these. 
I'd heard of the fad, 
and seeing Amanda's made me want them more! 

Conclusion? I LOVE COLORING. 
It is so enjoyable. 
I did the whole page below while watching Orange is the New Black. 
I often find myself quite restless watching TV, 
as if I just HAVE TO be productive doing something. 
So having a coloring book while watching the show is PERFECT. 



  1. Ok I seriously need to go buy those markers- yours looks so much more colorful (and I bet it didn't hurt your hand as much as coloring with colored pencils does)! And I love that floral pillow even though it wouldn't match much of my stuff!

  2. I miss Target. However, on our road trip this summer, we are going to the very first Target ever and I can't wait!!!

    Also, I went back and read my original "I shopped at Target in Canada" post and many of the things I was tempted to buy (okay, mostly kids' bedding) I did end up getting.

    Oh how I love (and miss) Target.