Monday, February 8, 2016

Being responsible for our own happiness

referenced this outstanding video from Jada Pinkett-Smith. 
(Yes, yes, I hate videos, too, BUT regardless...) 
See video here

She talks a lot about the balance of wife-mother, 
but one thing she really emphasizes is that 

We, as mothers, tend to look to our husbands or our children for happiness, 
but the truth is that only WE can be responsible for our own happiness. 

WE have to take control. 
And that resonates with me. 
After Aaron was born, 
I never ran. 
I would rush to daycare after work, 
to "save" him from daycare. 
But slowly - very slowly- I learned to take 45 minutes to run. 
It made me a better mother to him, 
because I was a happier person. 

Jada Pinkett-Smith references this in the video, 
that it's especailly hard when the children are just born. 
Newborns are your world, 
and I think particularly as an exclusively-breastfeeding mother, 
there is no escape

But this time, I want to make an effort, 
even as small as it is, 
to take tiny bits of time for myself. 

I realize with a newborn that's virtually... never. 
But just 30 minutes a day. 
Go for a run. 
(Or, a walk/run.) 

Nurse the baby in my workout gear, 
and the second he's finished, 
leave him with daddy (or in-home help) for 30 minutes to just GO. 
After all, just look how miserable Aaron looks sleeping on his aunt here. 
If I went for a run, would he notice? 

Of course, it's easy to talk the talk now. 

I also said I would ABSOLUTELY wear makeup in the hospital with Aaron. 
And THAT never happened. 
feel free to call me out later. 


  1. I think this is a great goal and I'll be staying tuned to the blog to help hold you accountable :)

  2. What Amanda said :) This is an excellent, do-able goal, and I'm totally happy to help hold you accountable (ie: be annoying about "how's that time for yourself going Emily?").