Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day

This really should be titled: 

I want to start making "little" holidays like Valentine's Day super fun. 
But sappy notes aren't going to resonate with an almost-3-year-old, 
so I opted for: 

"For Valentine's Day, we eat PINK FOOD"


White-chocolate covered pretzels

White chocolate chips. 
Valentine's Day sprinkles 

I dipped the pretzels and laid them on parchment paper. 
Aaron sprinkled on the sprinkles. 
Or rather, sprinkled the sprinkles all over the kitchen. 
I posted about this on instragram 
and my cleaning lady was all: "WHAT?!?!?!!?!" 
Yes, yes, you will be finding sprinkles for months. 


Cupid Floats

Forgot to take a picture but I can assure you that mine were not as pretty as the original. 
I know you're shocked, since I'm such a steller photographer. 

Original idea (and pictures) from here

This wasn't like outstanding or anything, 
but it was fun and bubbly and cute. 
 And it was Aaron's favorite. 


Pink Cookies

Recipe and prettier pictures here
These were my favorite. 
The dough tasted SUPER strawberry-y 
and I was very worried they would be overpowering. 
But I used 80% cacao dark chocolate chips, 
and that helped to cut the sweetness. 
The end product was delicious. 

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  1. Yummm I wish I lived nearby so I could come steal all of these from you. We got back from our weekend getaway and the twins were on serious grandparent detox so sadly our Valentine's Day with them was anything but Pinterest-y :)