Friday, February 19, 2016

What Will Baby #2 Be Like?

Everyone says the second is totally different than the first, 
so we have been speculating like crazy about Baby #2.

For documentation purposes, 
let's check out some of our speculations.

Aaron: Great Sleeper 
Baby Brother: Horrible Sleeper? 
Aaron was hitting 5 hour stretches by the end of the first week home. 
 He started sleeping 12-hours straight at 6 months when we introduced solids. 
I hear stories of kids waking up middle of the night at A YEAR OLD
and I'm all... 
no, please, no. 

Aaron: Independent Sleeper 
Baby Brother: Co-sleeper? 
We never gave Aaron a chance to cosleep because he settled so well into his crib. 
But I wonder if this little one will insist on co-sleeping. 
If so, we have exactly zero setup ready for this. 

Aaron: Hated car seat and car rides 
Baby Brother: Falls asleep in the car? (please please please)
 Aaron despised car rides and his car seat. 
Yet I know many families who get their kids to sleep by driving around. 
It would be absolute bliss to make the 4-hour drive to the lake
without shrieks of terror and sobs of misery coming from the backseat. 

Aaron: Horrible teether 
Baby Brother: Easy teether? 
Aaron slept worse with teething than he did coming home from the hospital. 
Teething was miserable. 
Supposedly there are these magical babies whose teeth appear 
and baby doesn't give a single fuss. 
Maybe maybe maybe?!?!?

Aaron: Not a climber
Baby Brother: Mountain climber?
We bolted down all of our furniture and TVs
but Aaron never once tested them. 
I wonder if this little one will be the "scale-the-bookcase" kind. 
I babysat one of those kids. 
I'd walk into the room and she'd be sitting on the dresser. 

Aaron: Not Particularly Destructive 
Baby Brother: Destructo-monster? 
Aaron really wasn't the kid who got into things. We baby-proofed the cupboards that could kill him 
(you know, cleaning supplies and the like) 
but the vast majority of our bathrooms and kitchen were never baby-proofed, 
and he never gave us reason to do so.

 Aaron: Eats Everything 
Baby Brother: A little more picky*?
* I preface this with, I will NOT let my kid live off chicken nuggets and oatmeal. 

"Never say never" they say. 
But I said it.
Feel free to throw that back in my face if someday I have to eat my words. 

I DO accept picky-ness. 
I accept this kid will eat LESS than what Aaron eats. 
But I do NOT accept a diet comprised of "items found on a McDonald's menu."
Hellll to the F no.

Aaron: Extrovert 
Baby Brother: Introvert? 
 Aaron is such a crazy party extrovert kid. 
Would I love two of him? Of course! 
But if we have a little introvert, 
it'll be a struggle for me to adjust my expectations. 
"Oh you DON'T want to go to the party?  Oh ok..." 

Moms of multiple kids, what other areas can you think of 
(that apply to toddlers and below)?


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  1. Obviously my experience was different since my first and second came at the same time, ha! But it is really interesting/amazing to me that two children can be raised in mostly the same circumstances and still turn out differently! Nature vs. nurture, blah blah blah