Tuesday, March 8, 2016

35 Weeks

 35 Weeks. 
5 weeks left.

Baby Size

Total Weight Gain
24.5 lbs 
1 lbs week-over-week gain.

(-6.5 lbs with Aaron)

I really wish that difference was larger.
But little things are still noticeable. 
I can still wear both rings. 
I can still shave my legs and paint my toes all by myself. 
Neither of those were happening at 35 weeks with Aaron, 
so that makes me feel a wee bit better.

I regularly end up on the couch at 4am watching Planet Earth. 
I'm becoming a very educated insomniac. 

Deli meat sandwiches. 
Particularly funny since deli meat used to be revolting. 

Symptoms of the Week
Shooting pelvic pain. 
Leg cramps. 
Shitty sleep.  
Frequent peeing (this JUST set in, versus at like 4 weeks last time!)

Tons of kicks and rolls and hic-cups. 
Adam can see him rolling in my belly. 

Still Running?
Still doing that run/walk thing. 
Run for a song, walk for a song, etc. 
I'm guessing I'm around 0.75 miles total.  

Excited for
A 3-month "vacation" from work. 
My GAF has been broken recently. 
It's like the day before vacation, 
where you have TONS to do but all you can think about is vacation. 
Except I have 5 weeks until my "vacation" 
and instead of having everyone cover me for a week or two, 
it's covering me for 3 months. 
So the pressure is even higher to have everything in order. 
And yet... sigh, I just can't. 

General Mood
Nights = I HATE being pregnant and we're adopting all future children!!!!
Daytime = Eh, I'm tired of being pregnant, but I feel good otherwise. 

 (Award for most-worn shirt of pregnancy: GAP Pure Body V-neck Tee)

35 weeks with Aaron here


  1. I totally remember that feeling in the weeks leading up to maternity leave- I compared it to senioritis in high school where you are ready to be done and are just plain checked out!

  2. How's your three month "vacation" going? Are you getting lots of rest and relaxation?!?! I'm so funny.