Tuesday, March 22, 2016

37 Weeks

37 Weeks. 

By this time with Aaron, 
we had our whole to-do list checked off. 
Car seat installed. 
Hospital bag packed. 
Baby Gear out. 
Clothes washed. 

 This time? 
Uh, we filed our taxes!  

I don't feel particularly rushed. 
My last OB visit, my cervix was still wayyyy far away and closed tight. 
My body is not posting the eviction notice anytime soon. 

Baby Size
Winter Melon

  The "Growth Scan Ultrasound" reported that baby is currently 6 lbs 10 oz, 
and on track for 8 lbs overall! 
Maybe - just maybe - I'll be able to accomplish my Pregnancy Goals!

Total Weight Gain
26 lbs. 
1.5 lbs week-on-week again.

(-11 lbs with Aaron) 

Two weeks ago I was all: "look at me! I can still wear my rings!" 
Yeah well no shit, Emily, you haven't actually tried to take them off
Yeah they are comfortable to wear, 
But it took 2 Tbs olive oil to get them off. 
End story: I'm now ring less again. 

Slight improvement briefly, 
Then back to my familiar insomnia. 
Plant Earth missed me. 

Lemonade-flavored Coconut Water. 
Because real coconut water is gross, 
but lemonade flavor is yummmmyyy. 

Symptoms of the Week
Braxton Hicks. 
Super weird crazy vivid dreams.  
"Down there" pain - which I would take as a good sign except I had the same with Aaron and was 6 days late. So... no hope. 

My little acrobat. 
Those feet are always sticking out some place.  
Lots of head-butting. 

Still Running?
Yes, again, that run/walk thing. 
About 1.5 miles walking total, 
so about 0.5 miles actually running.  

Excited for
Prenatal massage scheduled for this Saturday. 
I can already hear the angels singing.

General Mood
Good I guess. 
I'm not really as miserable. 
Time still drags. 
I still feel like I'll be pregnant forever. 
But the fact that I feel better than I did with Aaron, 
makes it all seem a little brighter. 

37 Weeks with Aaron here.  
I like how I announced "full term" like I thought I was close to giving birth. 
Little did I know I had 3 weeks and 6 days left. 


  1. You are now officially more pregnant than I ever was with the twins!!

  2. You are now no longer pregnant so you really won't be pregnant forever. Too bad we can't convince our 37 weeks pregnant selves of that!