Wednesday, March 30, 2016

38 Weeks

38 Weeks. 

"It feels like you've been pregnant forever." 
I've heard this from no less than 10 coworkers at this point. 
Yes, TRUST ME, I know!

Baby Size

Total Weight Gain
28 lbs
2 lbs week-over-week gain. 
(-9 lbs with Aaron)

All over the effing place. 
One night I wake up once at 3am and can't get back to sleep. 
Then the next night I wake up eight times but go right back to sleep every time.

Lemonade-flavored Coconut Water
By far my strongest craving yet. 
So much that I signed up for just because they sell it super cheap in bulk. 

Symptoms of the Week
Frequent Peeing. 
Sporatic Insomnia. 
Leveled-up Braxton hicks. 
Weird vivid dreams. 
Down-there shooting pains.
Super sweaty feet. 
Swelling in my feet/arms. 
Tingly extremities. 

These feet are everywhere I tell ya. 

Still Running?
Yes, still that run 3 min, walk 3, run 3, walk 3, etc. 
I'm averaging about 1.7 miles total, maybe 0.5-0.75 non-consecutive running.  

Excited for
Busy weekend ahead. 
Saturday baby shower for my BFF due with her first a month after me. 
Sunday a baptism for friend's baby born in January. 
Very baby-esque weekend!

General Mood:
I've relegated myself to a c-section on April 19th, 1 week past my due date. 
This has yet to be confirmed with the doc, 
but I know it's an option they would allow. 

As much as I'm sick of being pregnant, 
I really want to space out Aaron's and Baby Brother's birthdays as far as possible. 
March 23rd to April 19th is a pretty far spacing. 
Plus it gives me more chances to go into labor on my own. 

This is literally the only thing I'm clingy to at this point.

38 Weeks with Aaron here


  1. The end is in sight! I am so excited to hear about baby brother's arrival!

  2. I'm impressed you were wearing heels at 38 weeks. I'm guessing you didn't just put them on for this picture?!?