Friday, March 25, 2016

Bad Day

You know those days where nothing life-changing goes wrong, 
yet all the little shit goes wrong? 
That was yesterday. 

The day itself seemed to be going just fine through the afternoon. 
Just another ho-hum day. 

I picked up Aaron from daycare and headed through rushhour traffic to my 37-week OBGYN appointment. 
I arrive only to find out that
they had scheduled my appointment for THE PREVIOUS DAY
and that there was no room and they could only reschedule me for next week. 

First of all, I knew I hadn't gotten the appointment wrong. 
I would have NEVER agreed to an appointment on Aaron's birthday. 

Secondly, although they don't do reminder calls for preggo appointments, 
you'd think they would call for no-shows. 
Like: "hey, are you and the baby still alive?" 
Shit like that. 

Third, its such a production taking a toddler to a doctor's appointment, 
so to drag him from daycare all the way there with promises of iPad and candy, 
only to turn around and leave... infuriating. 

Ok, so that's part one. 

We get home and I'm all excited for the packages awaiting. 
Zappos sent me new sandals
Clinique sent me new skin care. 
And Amazon sent me postpartum skirt, shoes, and Lucas pawaw

Oh wait, except Amazon's box was no where to be found! 

I've never filed a claim before but I guess I will be now. 
Bah humbug!

At this point, it's really a good thing Aaron went to bed without fuss, 
because otherwise I would have just plain lost my shit. 

So really, it was only two parts. 
But add in the very hefty PREGNANCY HORMONES 
and you've got a severe dose of rage-against-the-world. 

If only if only...


  1. I know those days well! Hope your Good Friday has been much more full of good :)

  2. Ohhhh... days like that are super-annoying. I can't believe that about the appointment. It just seems crazy. Grrrr... (Obviously I am feeling your pain about this annoying day months later which only proves how frustrating it must have been in the moment.)