Monday, March 14, 2016

Got 90 minutes?

Who the hell has 1.5 hours to watch a lecture about sugar? 

Well the stars aligned and I did. 

This past weekend the weather was miserable, 
Adam had to work, 
and Aaron had a fever so we were home bound. 
Fortunately, my child is hitting expert level on independent play (yayyyy!) so I spent 1.5 hours lying on the couch watching this while he played all around me. 

From University of California, San Francisco:

While there's lots of lectures and documentaries on food 
(I recently watched Fed Up and wrote about it here), 
the science in this was absolutely MIND BLOWING. 

Most documentaries have to glaze over the science, 
but this video went into such depth that I felt like I should be taking notes in my college class. 
 It also touched on a TON of different points, including: 

1. The "obesity epidemic" (and how it's REALLY not the problem).

2. Exactly HOW the brain copes with weight gain and weight loss (FASCINATING). 

3. Health trends in America over the last few decades (pretty typical). 

4.  Sugar as an addictive, comparing it to both alcohol and caffeine.  While caffeine is addictive, caffeine is not toxic.  Alcohol is both addictive and toxic, so it is regulated.  Sugar is BOTH addictive and toxic.  So sugar is basically un-regulated alcohol. 


One thing that I particularly liked about this video 
(besides the science), 
was that the video is 100% ACTIONABLE. 
I recently watched Food Inc and was just depressed. 
It wasn't realistically actionable. 

But this video is actionable. 
I'm not saying that I'm throwing out my pantry.
But even little tiny tid-bits from this video are helpful. 
They can help shape habits I create for Aaron. 
They help shape my own habits as I browse the grocery store. 
Little things that can make life better. 
That's what I loved about it. 

In short, if you find yourself stuck somewhere for 1.5 hours. 
Like, if you failed your first pregnancy glucose test and have to do the second 3-hour one...
 I highly recommend! 

(Credit: Video found via blog "The Art of Making a Baby")


  1. I really don't want to watch this because I really love sugar... which is why I really need to watch it. Maybe one day I'll suck it up and give it a shot!

  2. Basically I'm thinking what Amanda said. I don't want to watch this but I probably need to. I'll make time for it at some point and let you know what I think...