Friday, March 4, 2016

Real Estate Rollercoaster


We've been house-hunting since last fall. 
Factoring in commute, family proximity, and price-range, 
we narrowed our scope to one tiny town just outside of Philly,
comprised of only a few handful of neighborhoods. 

We've toured every house that came on the market within our criteria range 
(4 beds, 2.5 baths, 2.5K+ sqft). 

Since October 2015, we've seen all of 4 houses. 
Not exactly a booming market. 

On February 7th, we found a great house but wildly overpriced

We put in a super low-ball offer. 

The seller said: "fuck you." 

We said: "Ok, whatever. Good luck selling" 
and continued on our merry way. 

February 23rd, the seller came crawling back. 
"Ok ok, we'll take your low-ball offer, 
BUT you have to close by the end of March."  
(Reminder: I'm due April 12th.) 

Apparently another couple had put in a bid (higher than ours!), 
but they were a contingent buy. 
Financially, we can support two mortgages 
so we won out as the choice for the time-sensitive sellers. 

I spent all of last week scrambling to get mortgage applications filled out 
(which, btw, is TWICE AS HARD when you already own a home, wtf?). 
Adam and I are scheming how to close a house, 
move in, 
and all that prior to baby's arrival. 
So much to do!
So much excitement!

Then... the Inspection. 
Dun dun dun. 
Absolutely horrible. 
Our realtor whispered at one point: 
"This is the worst home inspection I've seen in years."

Our beautiful house was just lipstick on a [very old, very poorly maintained] pig. 
As we received more reports, 
we had more questions than answers. 
The investment required to fix the house could not be determined, 
and the financial risk was huge
It became evident this was not for us. 
So we terminated our offer.

It sounds so simple in a blogpost, 
but really it was one GIGANTIC rollercoaster of emotions.   
First the ecstatic happy distraction of moving. 
Imagining our lives in this new house. 
Mentally unpacking all our belongings into the closests. 
Scouting for new furniture. 
Calling local daycares, etc. 

Then, the overwhelming anxiety of the problems. 
So much stress that I got ANGRY just thinking about the house. 
 I was pissed that there were so many questionable structural problems, 
questionable water problems, 
and my mind went on overdrive calculating the costs. 

Then, the sadness of terminating. 
Realizing we were saying goodbye to a home we had fallen in love with, 
but was just not for us at the time. 
It was full on depressing for a bit. 
Our current home suddenly seemed so small and inadequate, 
and I was sad that all my plans went to waste. 
It's hard getting your hopes up and dashed. 
And adding insomniac pregnancy hormones doesn't help one bit!


  1. Oh my gosh, it is the truth- buying/selling/moving is seriously such an emotional rollercoaster, so I can only imagine how it must be while pregnant! Obviously sounds like it was for the best that that house didn't work out, but geez, not like you need any added stress right now! Praying that the right one comes along at the right time!

  2. We put an offer in on a house and then realized, like yours, it was cosmetically beautiful, and structurally needed to be owned by millionaires who could fix all the problems. We also withdrew our offer. It was incredibly sad. I may have cried for a week. Two months later we found our current house and it was PERFECT -- both inside and out.

    Your perfect house will come. You just might need to be a bit patient. Which completely sucks.