Monday, March 21, 2016

Simplying Childhood

Good news!
In just a few weeks, I'll have better things to blog about 
[like how to breastfeed an infant while running after a toddler] 
than stupid parenting articles I find all over the internet. 

In the meantime... 
(This one is compliments of Pregnant Chicken via facebook) 

 Simplifying Childhood may protect against Mental Health Issues

In a nutshell, we're screwing up our kids with 
too many toys ("stuff"), 
too much information, 
too many choices, 
and too much speed. 

I give myself a big fat gold star in the toy department. 
We aren't quite "child in Africa with only sticks and a ball" level, 
but Aaron has less toys than any other child we know, 
and with my Toy Rotation System
he has maybe 2-3 toys available to him at any one time. 

I give myself an F for FAILURE in speed. 
I love a busy lifestyle. 
I love activities and parties and going places. 
I also justify this because I feel like Aaron loves it too. 
But is it healthy? 
I don't know. 
I know I go stir-crazy staying home all day. 
But perhaps that's good for Aaron, too?

I'm sure it's all a balance. 
Just like the article states that sports are not the problem, 
but having TOO MANY organized sports becomes a problem because it eliminates downtime. 
At the ripe age of just-about-to-turn-3, 
Aaron isn't exactly running off to soccer practice, piano lessons, and theater. 
(Although there are some parents who have all those activities for their 2-year-olds... 
They are crazy.)

Anyway, just some food for thought. 

And to cap this off, 
here's Aaron doing the most simple childhood thing ever: 
kicking dirt.


  1. I'm not sure how we do about down time (especially since the twins spend 40+ hours a week in daycare and very little time just playing at home), but I am all about not giving into the temptation to over-program them. I already feel pressured to get them in various types of lessons and classes and it feels like they just came out of the womb 5 seconds ago!!

  2. I see my friends with kids who are older than mine and how they are run off their feet with all their children's activities. It's helped me say NO to a lot of stuff.

    I HATE that I will be working through out this summer and the kids will have no down time at home. It just makes me so sad.

    And this article makes me realize that it's time to clean out the playroom again. We're not very good at toy rotation but we are good at now having an overwhelming amount of toys (I think) although, as you commented, we are nowhere near the "sticks and a ball in Africa" approach.

    Thanks for posting this/writing about Emily. There's a lot of food for thought here.