Tuesday, April 5, 2016

39 Weeks

39 Weeks. 

I'm not sick of being pregnant, 
but I'm sick of wondering when I won't be pregnant. 
If a the Mirror on the Wall told me I'd give birth exactly ___, 
I'd be totally satisfied no matter the date. 
But that adrenaline rush when I have an extra strong cramp,
and I think: 
and it's not. 
THAT drives me nuts.

Doctor Update: 38-week appt 
1 cm dilated. 
At 38 weeks I wasn't dilated at all with Aaron, 
so this is minor progress. 
I don't put any stock in this however. 
I know someone whose been like 3 cm for weeks.

Baby Size

Total Weight Gain
28 lbs. 
Flat week-over-week

(-11 lbs with Aaron)

Like a rock. 
By some strange magic, solid sleep has returned. 
I still wake up at 5:30am, 
but since we get up at 6am anyway, 
it's not too bad.

Lemonade-Flavored Coconut Water.
I need this stuff in an IV. 
It's like the breastmilk of pregnancy - it cures everything
Headache? Coconut Water. 
Cramps? Coconut Water. 
Can't sleep? Coconut Water. 
(Ok, not quite on the last one)

Symptoms of the Week
Deceptively strong Braxton Hicks. 
Super sweaty feet that swell when I walk a lot.  
Tingly extremities. 
Incessant hunger. 
Epically horrible Charlie Horses. 

This baby LOVES head butting my bladder. 
And omg it hurts. 

Still Running?
3 min run, 3 min walk, repeat for about 25 min. 
Follow that by tons and tons of contractions for the next few hours that eventually disappear. 

Excited for
The weekend. 
We have zero concrete plans, 
and just a bunch of empty space to fill. 
Adam keeps nagging me to pack my hospital bag, 
so maybe I'll do that at some point.

General Mood
Exactly what I wrote above. 
I'm fine with being pregnant, 
I'm just sick of wondering when I WON'T be pregnant.

39 Weeks with Aaron here


  1. I so hear you on this. I remember feeling like that, especially with Rachel. (If you read my blog archives around the beginning of June 2011 it's pretty focused on "When will the baby get here?") Here's wishing you extra strength and patience until Baby #2 arrives.

  2. You are so close, even if you don't know how close you are, ha! It sounds like it has been a pretty uneventful pregnancy so far, though, so that is great! Maybe you should ask a magic 8 ball a few questions and see what you can find out ;)