Friday, April 29, 2016

Books I Read (March-April)

Prior to publishing this post, 
I found this article about how the "the internet is killing the book review." 

I thought for sure it would talk about how amateur people like myself shouldn't review books because we don't have the literary background to do it properly. 
Instead, it seems like everyone is too afraid of offending anyone, 
so there is a ridiculous amount of gushing when it's not necessary. 

Don't you worry though! 
I don't know a single author or wanna-be-author. 
My reviews are 100% honest. 

Speaking of 100%, 
100% of these books were read while I was still pregnant. 
I'm in the process of reading "All The Light We Cannot See
but it's slow going for now. 
I just renewed my library copy and extended my due date to May 19th, 
so hopefully I'll have it done by then!

In the meantime...

Me Before You 
by Jojo Moyes

I was inspired to read this book after seeing a movie preview, 
and my girlfriend exclaimed: "OH THAT'S A GREAT BOOK!" 

Was it? 
I think it will make an awesome movie, 
but as a book it was a bit slow. 
Sweet and sappy and sad, 
but slow. 
 I kind of struggled through it. 
Would I recommend it? 
I guess for a more patient reader than I, yes. 
But it just wasn't for me. 

by Rainbow Rowell  

Disclaimer: I only made it 1/2 way through this book. 
It was a cute concept, reminding me a little of Where'd You Go Bernadette
except not nearly as good. 
It just didn't hold my attention, 
and when it came due again at the library, 
I returned it without finishing it.

If you happen to read this and find that the last 1/2 is worth a read, 
let me know and maybe I'll check it out again. 

Ready Player One 
By Ernest Cline 

I read Natasha's review of this book 
and immediately put it on hold at the library. 
It was just as she described it:
Totally captivating even for someone without a shred of video game interest or experience. 
(I imagine for someone who actually likes/understands games like World of Warcraft, this book would be a wet dream.)
The book is absolutely captivating and I found myself speed-reading through it. 
I just HAD to know how it ended. 
I love that it is DRAMATICALLY different than all the other books I've read recently. 
I needed it too. 
I was beginning to lose interest in reading but this one perked me right back up. 

by Drew Barrymore 

 This was a very simple and pretty book. 
I've read a fair amount of memoir / autobiographies by celebrities, 
and this was one of my favorites.
Her writing is so simple, like talking to a friend. 
And the stories have a way of finding the beauty even in the unpleasant. 
Very nice, easy read. 
And definitely makes me like her more.

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