Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Oliver's Birth Story

If you remember from my Pregnancy Goals
I was really motivated for VBAC. 
We assumed that Aaron's massive size (10 lbs 5 oz) was the reason I was unable to push him out. 
So I worked really hard to gain less weight, in hopes of producing a smaller baby. 

And I did! 
30 lbs with Oliver vs 40 lbs with Aaron. 

Although my OB would have allowed a scheduled c-section up to a week before my due date, I opted to schedule my c-section a week AFTER my due date in the hopes of going into labor on my own. 

My due date came and went on Tuesday, April 12th. 
Zero signs of labor
Even Braxton Hicks seem to have subsided. 

5 days later, Sunday April 17th
Just another day of killing time. 
We took Aaron to the zoo and then the park. 
I did all our laundry and cooked a bunch so Adam and Aaron would have a stocked fridge while I was in the hospital that week. 

6:30pm and the labor pains started. 
They felt EXACTLY the same as with Aaron: dehydration pains
I started chugging coconut water and regular water. 
But the labor pains got worse fast
They were 3 minutes apart but no more than 30 seconds duration. 
I called my OB and she recommended I wait it out until contractions lasted 1 minute duration. 
Again, same as Aaron. 

The labor pains were getting more intense and by 8:00pm
Adam called his parents to come watch sleeping Aaron while we went to the hospital. 

By 9:30, we were at the hospital and I was basically screaming in pain. 
My OB checks me and.....
 I'm still only 1 cm. 

It was the moment I knew my body was not going to give birth the natural way. 
My OB absolutely agreed. 
The intensity of the contractions meant a risk to my prior incision if they waited for me to get to 9 cm. 
C-section it was! 

And so the c-section prep work began. 
Again, just like with Aaron, I was dehydrated 
and every time they tried the IV in a vein it would pop. 
Unbeknownst to me, Adam and his weak stomach were about to pass out at all this vein popping. 
Meanwhile I'm screaming for the anesthesiologist. 
Where the f**k was he?! 

All in all, it was not my finest hour. 
I screamed. 
I yelled. 
I told Adam to shut the f**k up. 
The nurses were trying to get me to calm down and breathe while I'm huffing:
 "I could have just had a c-section a week ago and avoided this WHOLE THING!
"I am NEVER doing this again!  All future babies will be scheduled a week in advance!

They wheeled me into the OR and my BEST FRIEND IN THE WORKS (the anesthesiologist) began his life saving art of placing the epidural. 
From that moment everything was outstanding. 
For the first time in hours I was calm and happy. 
Let the extraction begin! 

The c-section went exactly as it had with Aaron. 
Adam arrived and took his seat by my head. 
Curtain went up. 
I heard Oliver's cries before I even realized the surgery had begun. 
It was 11:07pm
I'm not a big crier but I did shed a few tears when I heard his cries.

Then we had our first hiccup. 
The pediatrician told us Oliver was breathing a little funny. 
Because the c-section doesn't allow all the mucus to be "squeezed" out of the baby like a vaginal birth, it can cause breathing issues as the mucus is trapped inside. 
The pediatrician said they would give him one hour to recover then if he didn't improve, he'd have to go to NICU for a day or two to be monitored. 

The NICU. 
It hasn't occurred to me that a full term baby might need the NICU. 

Because the maternity unit was overflowing that night, 
they sent me up a floor to the ICU to recover. 
My friend Erin had gone to the ICU after one of her kids and warned me the recovery time was much longer up there.  
I should have been upset but I really wasn't. 
I was so dead tired. 
Soooo tired. 
Plus, I was mentally preparing for the NICU, where I couldn't see my baby anyway, so there was no rush to get out of recovery. 
I was sound asleep in minutes. 
About an hour later, I woke up and asked the nurse if she could call up to see about the status of my baby.
 She did and reported back that he was breathing fine and was in the regular nursery. 
Then I got antsy and wanted to leave. 

Finally around 1:15am
they wheeled me back to maternity. 
My parents and sister had arrived and were there to greet me. 

The nurses wheeled Oliver in and he was soooooo tiny. 
So so so tiny. 
Again, 7 lbs 10 oz is normal but for us with a 10 lbs baby... 7 lbs seems so tiny. 

I don't remember the details of what happened next. 
I know I nursed Oliver. 
I know my family got to hold him (and finally learn his name!). 
And eventually, sometime around 3:30am, Adam and I went to sleep. 

I'll say one thing, giving birth close to midnight is a terrible time. 
It's virtually no sleep that night and all the next day I was falling asleep at random times. 
I fell asleep sitting up in a chair at one point. 

The next morning, Aaron got the surprise of his life when he crawled into bed 
and found Mom Mom and Pop Pop there instead of mommy and daddy! 
He was confused but happy. 
We decided to try to keep Aaron's routine as normal as possible, 
so Adam's parents dropped him off at daycare for the day, 
visited us, 
then went back for him in the afternoon.

Aaron FINALLY got to meet his baby brother. 
He calls him "baby brother" exclusively, never Oliver. 

We had visitors off and on Monday and Tuesday. 
The evenings were difficult since I was alone while Adam was home with Aaron
Thanks to the c-section, I wasn't exactly jumping up and down for diaper changes, 
but also didn't want to send Oliver to the nursery for too long. 
Thankfully my dad stepped in and offered to stay with me both nights from 8pm-midnight. 
How my dad worked the next day is beyond me, 
but I was so grateful. 
After my dad would leave at midnight, I'd send Oliver to the nursery for ~3 hour stretch, 
and when they brought him back, he'd stay with me for the remainder of the night. 
It wasn't ideal, but it worked well. 

By Wednesday, I was ready to go home. 
When Adam arrived after daycare dropoff, I was showered and dressed for home. 
We were out by like 10am. 

And that's that! 
That is Oliver's birth story. 
And Aaron's birth story is here

As I've been telling people: 

My body can grow a baby. 
My body can nurse a baby. 
But my body can't birth a baby. 
Good thing I live in the 21st century! 


  1. Yay so exciting to read the details! And at least now you know for #3 that you're better offer just scheduling it in advance ;) Congrats again!!!

  2. Yay! At the end of it you have a healthy baby and all is well. I'm just sorry you had to go through the misery in the middle. Blah.

    Also, Rachel was our "biggest" baby at 7 lbs, 8 oz, so Oliver seems huge to me :)