Friday, April 1, 2016

Pregnancy Favorites

I love favorites lists. 
Thus here I am with my favorites for this pregnancy broken down by trimester
Also, the OCD in me is dying that this is 7 items. 
Not 5. Not 10. 7

1. GAP Pure Body Maternity Tanks 

Trimester: 2nd and 3rd
Amber turned me on to these and even though I'm not pregnant in the Texas summer, 
I still wear them every second. 
To bed. 
Around the house. 
Outside the house with a pullover. 

They are super soft and lonnnggg. 
They don't look very long on the GAP model, 
but trust me that they are verrry long. 
 They cover the biggest of big bellies with room to spare. 
I have 4: light pink, white, gray, and striped orange. 
I'm wearing the white one as I type this. 

2. H&M Winter jacket 
(not available on the website over the summer)

Trimester: 2nd and 3rd
My first pregnancy I borrowed an over-sized non-maternity wool coat and hated it
This pregnancy I was determined to find a properly-fitted maternity coat. 
I read Lucie's List guide to maternity coats 
and even ordered the Ava Momo but ended up returning it. 

As a disclaimer, I'm not an H&M's fan. 
Their store is a disaster and the quality is hit or miss. 
In this case, I got a hit and my sister-in-law got a miss. 
We bought the identical coat at the exact same time
Mine lasted all winter, 
while hers was coming apart at the seams just a few weeks later. 

So I recommend this coat with a great deal of caution. 
I LOVE it, but be prepared for quality issues. 
 For me, it was super warm, adjustable waist, zippered pockets, and a hood. 

3. Gabriella Belly Band 

Trimester: 2nd & 3rd 
I bought this for running and oh-what a life saver! 
It added so much support while I was plodding along. 
More about running pregnant here.

4. Lamaze spandex sleep bra

Trimester: CLUTCH in the 1st, 
but continued to wear it 2nd, 3rd, and postpartum. 
 In the first trimester my boobs exploded
Like HELLO, Milk Memory Glands! 
My boobs ached all the time and going bra-less was the worst. 
I bought this sleep bra in a large (reference: I'm a 34D when pregnant/nursing) 
and slept in it every single night. 
By the 2nd and 3rd trimester, my boobs had calmed the hell down, 
but still wore this on occasion. 

5. Nordstrom's Zella leggings (these are NOT maternity) 
Trimester: Best in 1st & 2nd, but still worn in 3rd

Some people swear by Lulu. 
I swear by Zella. 
I loved Zella pre-pregnancy and still love them now.
They holds everything in without feeling tight. 
Insane durability. 
Like crawling-on-knees-after-toddler durable. 
Not a single stitch or seam out of place despite 10,000 washings.  
Reversible so you can pick cool or warm (and it does make a difference!)  

Wore them every second of every day that I wasn't in jeans or dress pants. 
By the third trimester, the under belly band got a little tight, 
so I ordered Beyond the Bump leggings from Pea in the Pod - HORRID. 
Back to Zella immediately! 
I'm also wearing Zella leggings as I type this.

6. Gatorade

Trimester: 1st
I generally despise sports drinks
 (even as a runner, I just prefer water) 
but when another preggo in prenatal yoga mentioned them to combat light headaches, 
I got a pack and discovered she was right! 
They are like the perfect little pick-me-up. 

(Note: I just recently discovered lemonade-flavored coconut water.  I HATE coconut water but the lemonade-flavor is delicious.  Since coconut water is supposedly better than Gatorade, I will definitely try this next pregnancy to see if it has the same effects!)

7. Portable trail mix 

Trimester: 1st & 2nd 
(because by 3rd, I was just eating whatever-the-hell i wanted)

I have a store-brand (all hail Wegmans) 
which is the perfect blend of nuts (but not too many almonds!) and M&Ms. 
The packets are 210 calories apiece and much healthier than a granola bar. 
I always keep one in my bag for when I'm out in case hunger strikes. 
The sugar M&Ms provide immediate satisfaction while the nuts provide long-term protein. 

Also, Aaron LOVES these so if I didn't eat them, he would! 


  1. Mmmm trail mix. That was my staple snack while nursing and I ate it in embarrassingly large quantities from Costco.

  2. I was wondering why the lemonade flavoured coconut water had not made the list... That would have given you eight items!

    My pregnancy favourites with Sam were Nibs and Coke. Awesome diet I had there.