Monday, April 4, 2016

The Path to Crunchyhood

I didn't start off a crunchy hippie person. 
And quite frankly, I don't think I am now. 
But if you compare Emily 2016 
with Emily of 2007, 
its a total transformation. 

Coming from a right-winged family, 
and majoring in accounting, 
I was all about big business. 
Anti-big-business people had dreads and smelled bad, right? 
I knew about organic, but viewed it as an overpriced gimmick. 
I scoffed at the term "toxic chemicals" like, "get over yourself, people."
After all, we've all survived the last few generations, right? 
 Why change things now? 

 Image from this hilarious Crunchy Scale here

And then I got pregnant. 
Gestating a human has a funny way of changing one's mind about things. 

It started innocent enough. 
I started reading blogs and articles about raising healthy babies. 
And then the obsession grew. 
And grew. 
And grew. 
And next thing I knew, I took my first step on the path to Crunchyhood: 
I made my own baby food, 
using organic fruits/vegetables as much as possible. 
(My overly-detailed baby food intro is here)

From that starting point, the crunchyness grew. 

My first steps were tiny baby steps. 
Going from regular milk to organic milk. 
Switching from Regular Tide to Tide Free. 
And buying Palmolive Pure & Clear versus regular dishwashing soap. 
You know, just little stuff, not a big deal. 

It would have been okay if I just stopped there, 
but instead I fed my journey by reading Crunchy Books and watching Crunchy Movies
And soon it got worse. 

I started checking all our products on EWG Skin Deep
I tossed our Johnson & Johnson and Aveeno baby products, 
replacing them with Earth Mama Angel Baby, 
specifically our favorite baby foaming soaps. 
I love how the foaming makes it so easy to soap up a moving toddler. 
While smelling so freaking good.

I threw out all of our scented candles. 
(I'm talking like $100 worth of Yankee candle - gone!)
I bought my first batch of essential oils (oh dear god NO!!!!
and made my own at-home diffusers for our bathrooms. 
And you know the crazy thing? 
They last soooo much longer than candle fragrances ever did. 

I traded in the trusty long-time cleaning supplies for the trendy Mrs. Meyers
The days our cleaning lady came, I used to walk into the house and my eyes would water from the bleach and chemicals. 
The first day with Mrs. Meyers and there was NONE of that. 
Our cleaning lady even texted me to tell me how much she loved their products.  

I started buying truly natural deodorant, 
and truly natural deodorant means NOT an antiperspirant
For someone who sweats like I do, this is a BIG STEP.
I tried the trendy TOMs and it's the worst ever, 
so I started splurging on the good stuff and love it. 
(Don't worry, I do keep antiperspirant on hand for big events. 
I don't need my friends to pass out when we are running together.)

If I Emily 2007 saw me now, she'd laugh her ass off. 
But here I am. 

To be fair, there's still a hefty amount of crunchy-ness I do NOT participate in. 
I use disposable diapers, because poop grosses me out. 
I don't buy organic clothing because omg, its expensive and limited. 
I vaccinate my child, because my risk assessment tells me its worth it. 
I'll get an epidural again because I'm a total wuss about labor pain. 
I wash my hair EVERY DAMN DAY because not doing so skeeves me out. 

And that's it. 
That's my path to crunchyhood. 
I don't know if I'll keep going down it. 
Or maybe eventually I'll back up a little bit back to my former self. 
Only time will tell...


  1. I wouldn't put myself on the crunch spectrum, but I agree that a lot of my, "That is so stupid, we'll never do that" thoughts changed when the twins came!

  2. Thanks for supporting the family business with your cleaning products!

  3. I think my "crunchiness" has taken a different direction. I hang laundry outside, try to walk as much as possible, and we don't have a TV. But don't take away my Coke!!!

    Also, I stopped wearing antiperspirant when I found out that the aluminum in it has been linked to breast cancer. Sadly they don't sell women's deodorant so I've been wearing men's stuff for sixteen years now. It took about three months for my body to adjust but now I love it.

    So here's to joining you (somewhat) on the crunchy path to life.