Friday, April 8, 2016

Total Lack of Fear

In a week or so, 
Adam and I will go from parents of 1 child to 2 children. 

I should be afraid. 
I should be VERY VERY afraid. 
 But I'm not. 

Everyone says the work doesn't double, it quadruples
People write in blogposts over and over how much harder it was than they thought. 
My BFF stated going "from 1 to 2" as the hardest thing in her life

I know this yet... 
yet somehow I don't feel even a tiny shred of fear? 

Maybe having one child makes me feel like an expert? 
I know in my head that Baby Brother is going to be vastly different than Aaron. 
I wrote about some of my musings here
Yet I sort of feel like "I got this; it'll be okay." 
Even before Aaron, I never felt the fear of parenthood like some do. 

I can sum it up like this: 
For millions of years, 
people have been having kids. 
For millions of years, 
people have been having a second child. 
And you know what? 
They aren't all serial murderers. 
So the odds are in my favor. 

Yup, that's basically my theory. 
If millions of moms have figured out how to do it, I can too. 
And most likely I won't totally screw up my kid either. 

The purpose of this post is to document my total lack of concern about going from 1-to-2. 
Thus, in a few weeks, 
when I write a blog post about 
how overwhelmed I am, 
and how I don't know how people do it, 
and yada yada yada... 
please feel free to refer me back to this blogpost. 
And have a hearty laugh at my stupidity. 


  1. I think this is a great perspective to have and that's how I try to approach most life events! I tell myself that far less capable and far less competent people have done what I'm facing and succeeded, so surely I can't screw it up too much, right? Ha!

  2. How's that total lack of fear working out for you in the reality of two kids?! I also agree, I wasn't that worried about going from one to two. I was more concerned about how Sam would handle it than how I would handle it. As it turned out all of my worries were unfounded.