Friday, April 15, 2016

WIDN - Pre-Baby Edition

Well after yesterday's breakdown post
I decided to take a happier approach. 
Please note that I am STILL in my psychotic, neurotic state
I'm just trying to PRETEND that I'm not.

Blue Apron meals
Adam is a very... uh... limited cook. 
And I didn't stock the freezer this time like I did with Aaron. 
So we have opted to give Blue Apron a trial run. 
It's simple enough that Adam can follow the directions. 
Some meals are outstanding, 
some are just okay. 
But all in all, I'm LOVING the variety it's given us. 

Our favorite meal so far: 
Hoisin-Mayo Salmon Burger. 

Lemonade-Flavored Coconut Water. 
I've written about this in every Weekly Preggo Update, 
and it truly is the best shit ever. 

 All the Light we Cannot See
About halfway through it and have stalled a little, 
but overall it's a really good book 
and so far at least not as gut-wrenching as other Holocaust books I've read lately. 
(Ahem, The Nightingale, which still makes me cry!)

Either this or this bathing suit for the summer. 
It's got the great full-coverage going on for postpartum belly, 
and I love a good strapless so I don't have to worry about awkward tanlines.

Netflix Documentaries
 Kelsey at Pardon My French alerted me to this wondrous world of documentaries a while ago, 
and they truly are as great as she says. 
The nature ones are great for insomnia nights. 
And the food-education ones are amazing for when I spare hour by myself and want to paint my nails or something with background noise. 
I've never been crazy about watching TV; 
it all feels very unproductive to me. 
But at least when I'm watching documentaries, 
I feel like I'm becoming a little more educated about the world around me. 

Listening to
Rachel Platten
I'm sure she's going to be a one-album-and-done-type-singer, 
but oh my do I love her music and her voice! 

Aside from our Blue Apron specials, 
I recently made this one-pot chicken-and-potatoes and it's become a family favorite. 
For someone who can't cook meat, it's not bad!

Lavanila Deodorant in Vanilla Grapefruit
Yes, I'm on the Crunchy Bandwagon now. 
And after trying the horrible, no-good Toms of Maine deodorant, 
I finally splurged for Lavanilla and LOVE IT. 
I started with a sample size of vanilla, 
which I didn't particularly love the smell of. 
And then moved onto Vanilla Grapefruit which is soooo good.

I could have a nice big glass of wine. 

Spring weather. 
It's really the perfect weather. 
Warm-ish during the day (high around 60) 
but cool at night so I can open the windows.

Bunmi Laditan on facebook
This is the woman behind the twitter feed "Honest Toddler." 
I haven't opened my twitter app in ages, 
but I discovered her on facebook 
She's the perfect mix of serious and abso-freakin'-hilarious.

 This baby to come out. 

These shoes by VISCATA Escala. 
I read about them in The Mom Edit 
and instantly knew I had to get them. 
They truly are as amazingly comfortable as she swore they were. 
(And that coming from a 10-month pregnant woman!) 
I also get so many compliments on them. 

Cut-out shoulders and distressed jeans
The #1 theme of my pinterest outfits board
I'm absolutely loving this casual fun look.
I've ordered several distressed shorts from Nordstrom, 
all in their largest size so I can wear them as soon as possible postpatum. 
Of course, the glory of Nordstrom is that if I don't wear them postpartum, 
I can take them back anytime I want and


  1. Props to you for (apparently) keeping yourself busy and hopefully keeping yourself distracted! If I had written this at 40+ weeks pregnant, it would have subsisted only of the "Needing" section!

  2. I love how this blog post ends in the middle of a sentence! If I was reading this on time I'd be asking if you'd gone into labour!?! Also, I've been looking for the lemonade flavoured coconut water and I can't find it. And it's driving me nuts because you've raved so much about it. I want to taste it.

    And I liked "All The Light We Cannot See" way better than The Nightingale which was super depressing.