Thursday, May 19, 2016

All By Myself

:: cue Celine Dion's "All By Myself" ::

Last Sunday was the last day of Adam's 1-month paid paternity leave. 
On Monday, he went back to Big Law Firm World where work hours are unpredicable, 
sometimes an easy 9-6 
but even more often because a 9am-midnight or later. 

Paternity Leave was AWESOME. 
A total dream. 

I legit did not cook a single meal. 
Not one. 
Between our Blue Apron subscription and his grilling skills, 
we ate well with plenty of leftovers. 

This week marked the great new challenge of 
Emily Staying Home Alone With 2 KIDS

I wasn't afraid, per se, 
because as I've written before about parenting
I figure if millions of mothers prior to me can figure this out, 
I can too. 

Plus, I have the additional benefit of Aaron staying in daycare Mon, Wed, Fri mornings (8am-noon) and then my sister coming in on Tues/Thurs afternoons to help. 

So really, what could a mother complain about? 

Here's how the first week went: 

Monday = BLISS.  

Oh my!  Such bliss! 
Aaron was in daycare for the morning. 
I took a 3 mile walk with Oliver in the wrap, 
then paid a visit to my coworkers. 
After pickup, BOTH Aaron and Oliver took luxuriously long naps. 

There is no more beautiful simultaneous photos than: 

 Sleeping baby 

Sleeping toddler. 

What more could a mother want? 

After they woke up, they were BOTH pleasant and enjoyable. 
The weather was gorgeous, 
and we sat outside playing baseball and bubbles. 

 I texted Adam: "All days will be like this, RIGHT?" 


Tuesday was still decent, but by lunchtime, 
I was totally OVER the silly toddler antics. 
I was so happy for naptime (er, "quiet time" in his room, since he didn't nap) 
and then my glorious sister arrived and even baby-wore Oliver so I could have some freedom. 

Wednesday was a little less awesome. 

Today I was starting to lose my mind a little. 

This morning, Thursday morning, Oliver was fussy, 
Aaron's antics were at an all-time high, 

The zoo opened at 10am and we were there at 10:01am. 
Oliver was asleep in the wrap, 
and Aaron got to work off his 3-year-old-ness with a bunch of other equally annoying children. 

It's not that either child is being bad. 
No no no. 

Aaron has his typical 3-year-old-isms. 
Not just tantrums (which we've avoided recently - KNOCK ON WOOD) 
bu rather little quirks that have no other word than annoying. 
Sometimes 3-year silliness is hilarious. 
And sometimes it's f**king annoying. 
Sometimes I don't want to answer stupid questions, 
or repeat myself 5,000 times because he didn't like (or listen to!) my answer the first time. 

Oliver, well, he's generally the easier one. 
Except for this: 

Oliver ONLY wants to be the wrap. 
MAYBE once a day I can get him in the swing for a nap. MAYBE. 

I have learned to do EVERYTHING in this wrap. 
Make food. 
Eat food. 
Load the dishwasher. 
Clean up the floor. 
Put Aaron to bed, including bath. 
Take off my makeup (this still needs practice to perfect). 

Yes, the wrap has wonderful bonding properties. 
Every study out there shows baby-wearing is insanely healthy
for both baby and mom alike. 
But sometimes... well, I'd like to go for a damn run. 
By myself. 

Overall how goes the first week alone? 
I'd give it a solid B+. 
I'll get it eventually. 
Just in time to go back to work, haha. 

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  1. I say in these early days that every day you keep all 3 of you alive is a major victory! But I know that you, like me, are a bit of an overachiever and are hoping for more than just survival ;) I'm sure there will be a mix of good and bad days, easy and hard days, but regardless, you are already rocking this gig more than you know so keep it up!