Monday, May 2, 2016

Baby Names Part 2

I LOVE hearing why couples chose a particular name. 
 I wrote about our thought process with Aaron's name here

This post is all about Oliver Harold Cole. 

We always knew we'd use the middle name Harold for my dad, 
just as we had used Adam's dad's name for Aaron.
The middle name was a no-argument immediate agreement. 

Before pregnancy, 
my top baby boy name was Ethan
But by the time I was pregnant, 
I'd lost my enthusiasm. 
Ethan was way too similar to Aaron. 
And if I was confusing Aaron and Adam, 
then Aaron and Ethan would be a total disaster! 

My next proposed name was Oliver
I owe it to this blog here for my love of the name Oliver. 
Despite my general dislike for nicknames, 
I had a certain fondness for the nickname "Ollie." 

Unlike the name "Aaron," 
which Adam immediately jumped on, 
Adam was not sold on Oliver.

Very early on - like week 4 or 5 - 
Adam insisted we go through the top 100 baby names. 
Such a horrible exercise for an exhausted first trimester preggo woman. 

Options later discarded: 
- Robert - Too likely for nicknames.
- Chase - eh, not sure about 1-syllable first with 1-syllable last name
- Caleb - I loved the alliteration with Cole, but Adam didn't care for the name 
- Owen - all I think is Owen Wilson 
- Ian - Seems like an "old" name 
- Henry -again, felt "old"
- Oscar - ... the grouch? 
- Preston - cool, but ... eh 
- Keegan - awesome alliteration sound with Cole, 
but inconsistent spelling would drive us nuts

Adam has a tendency to classify names as "strong" or "wussy." 
For example, I like "Aidan" (again, too close to Aaron) 
but Adam classifies it as "wussy" name. 

Hunter was Adam's favorite "STRONG" name. 
I was NOT impressed. 
What kind of a name is Hunter? 
Felt like a cave-man style name. 
I hadn't known any Hunters in my life to give me any other perception. 
But over time, the name grew on me. 
More and more and more. 

Redeeming qualities of Hunter
1. Easy to spell.
2. Does not lend itself to nicknames. 
3. Awesome alliteration with "Harold" 

When I think alliteration, 
I think of alliteration with "Cole" 
but the more I said "Hunter Harold," 
the more I appreciated the alliteration. 

By the time I went for my 13 week sequential scan visit
where I found out this little one would be a boy, 
we were 100% settled on Hunter Harold Cole. 

Problem was... I just didn't love it. 
I kept thinking I'd come to love it over time. 
Logically, I had no argument against it. 
When people asked about the name (we don't share in advance), 
I'd sigh and say: 
"Yes we picked one but I don't love it." 

Finally, late in my 2nd trimester, 
I brought it up to Adam: I still loved Oliver

My only argument for Oliver:
"It's just FEELS like it belongs with Aaron. 
Aaron and Oliver. 
Aaron and Hunter. 
Aaron and Oliver sound better." 
Adam again resumed all his reasoning's against Oliver: 

1. NOT two-syllables 
2. Inevitable nickname: Ollie 
3. How the hell do you spell Ollie? 

Truth was that I didn't love Oliver enough to fight for it. 
So I just let it go. 
I didn't bring it up again, 
but over time a funny thing happened. 
Adam brought it up. 
We'd be driving somewhere and 
he'd casually mention: "I'm kind of warming up to Oliver." 
My response: "Oh" 
(Silence, followed by new conversation topic). 

He kept bringing it up more and more. 
And finally it got to a point where he said: 
"I think I like Oliver better. I agree it flows better with Aaron. 
Hunter is a very 'new' name, while Oliver, like Aaron, has been around forever." 

And that's when we started telling people we switched our baby name 
(not that we ever told them Hunter, so it didn't matter.) 
This was probably around month 8. 

For the remaining months, 
I didn't feel like we had "settled" on a name. 
I was so skeptical that we would end up changing the name at birth. 
Even when I was recovering in the ICU (birth story here), 
the nurses asked the name, 
and I responded with: "I think we settled on Oliver." 

2 weeks in, 
we hardly refer to him as "Oliver" or even "Ollie." 

Ironically, we spend our whole time referring to him as "little man" 
or Aaron's favorite "baby brother." 
We'll see over time if he develops into Oliver or Ollie or just Little O. 
Little O is kind of my favorite right now, hehe. 


  1. I think Oliver was a great choice (although I also like the name Hunter, and Preston for that matter - both are names of some of my best guy friends in high school). Anyway, just glad baby brother had a name when he came out and I'm sure it will suit him perfectly :)

  2. I LOVE the name Oliver, if that makes a difference. I also really like Ethan. Hunter feels violent to me and as you said, a cave-man name.

    And I agree with you about weird spellings and it annoys me when people assume "Rachel" the traditional way is spelled "Racheal." Grrr...

    Also, Rachel's middle name is Katie and for the first few weeks my mom and I kept calling her Katie instead of Rachel. It was a little confusing. Now she is very much a Rachel though.