Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Newborn Memories: Week 2 and 3

I wish I wrote down more things from the first few weeks with Aaron. 
I wrote down our 1 week update
which is funny because it was mostly 
"baby nurses all the time" (still true for Oliver) 
and "hey we finally got him to nap in the crib
(LOL LOL = see below.) 

How about some updates on Oliver week 2 and 3? 

I'm still bleeding. 
Not a lot, but oh how I hate menstrual pads. 
I should stop soon since I'm EBFing, 
but I have no memory of the timeframe Aaron. 

I'm off the pain pills. 
I took myself off Percocet after about a week (it was giving me nightmares), 
and then weaned off Tylenol & Advil regime a few days later. 
As of 2 weeks, I'm pain-pill-free. 
The pain is basically gone, 
but occasionally a particularly long laughing fit will hurt my incision. 

I have lost about 15 lbs (of 30 gained) and seem to be stalling. 
I was losing a pound a day and then SCREECH... stop. 
Now I need to actually start watching what I eat (LOL) 
and maybe get my butt off the couch again (LOL). 
Maybe if it stopped freakin' raining every day, 
I could finally go out and walk. 

Oliver sleeps about 2-3.5 hour spans at night. 
He's relatively consistent, which I LOVE. 
I am fine with little sleep as long as it's consistent
He tends to sleep as such: 
Last nurse at 10pm. 
Nurse at 1am. 
Nurse at 4pm. 
Wake-up nurse at 7pm. 
Each nurse being about 20 minutes max. 

Oliver still sleeps in the Pack n Play next to our bed
and it's the BEST DECISION EVER. 
With Aaron we were all "oh he's going to sleep in his crib
and that was stupid first-time-parenting-goals. 
Sleeping next to me alleviates the "is my baby alive?" anxiety. 
It means I go back to sleep faster after nursing. 
And I can sometimes comfort him just by reaching out and rubbing his head. 

I'm getting pretty good at the Solly Wrap
but just like with Aaron, 
Oliver only likes it if I'm actively walking around. 
This works for grocery shopping, Target, and house hunting, 
but doesn't work for just getting stuff done around the house (e.g. laundry!). 

Passed out in the Solly wrap at Wegmans

Our biggest battle with Oliver is GAS. 
I burp after every nursing session (even in the middle), 
and it still builds up to uncomfortable levels. 
We've tried simethicone and it helps a little. 
Someone recommended gripe water and I guess we'll try that soon too. 
One evening I made the mistake of having 2 glasses of wine while actively nursing, 
After that, I try to leave the adequate 2-hour spacing between wine + nursing, 
which is not easy since Oliver wants to eat ALL THE TIME. 

Aaron is still sweet with Oliver
and still calls his exclusively "baby brother." 
It's adorable and I can't stop loving it. 

While we're talking about Aaron, 
he is FINALLY getting back into his nap routine. 
A week after Oliver was born, 
we moved Aaron to 3-days-a-week, mornings-only daycare. 
Aaron responded with a one-week nap strike which was delightful
He would stay in his room for the required 2 hour "quiet time" 
(more like "noisy play time") 
but the real toll was his disposition as he was exhausted 
and prone to even MORE meltdowns than the standard 3-year-old. 
But as of Saturday, Aaron is napping again. 

Paternity leave is BLISS. 
The one benefit of Big Law Firm world is 1 month paid paternity leave. 
It is bliss. 
Absolute bliss. 
Adam does all the daycare pick-up, drop-off. 
Adam cooks delightful dinners thanks to Blue Apron. 
He takes Aaron out for little outings on Tues/Thurs mornings, 
like going to the driving range. 
It's a win-win for everyone. 
Aaron gets much needed 1-on-1 time. 
Adam gets quality daddy-son time. 
Oliver and I get some quiet time.  
Again, win-win. 

In other news, we celebrated our 5-year anniversary on April 30th
Aaron went to Monthly Kid Swap for the night, 
and we took Oliver to our favorite local spot for a delicious dinner of apps, 
to-die-for desserts, 
and wine/beer. 
Of course, Oliver gained SO MUCH attention from fellow patrons. 
A 2-week-old baby is basically celebrity status. 

Overall our daily schedule goes something like this: 

6am: Aaron is up the second his "Ok to Wake" clock goes green. 
Adam takes Aaron downstairs for chill time. 

7am: Oliver wakes up, we nurse, 
and chill in bed with visits from Aaron and Adam. 

8am: Aaron goes to day (if Mon, Wed, or Fri), 
or prepares to go on a morning adventure with Daddy. 

Shower (my #1 priority - how moms don't shower blows my mind). 
Maybe an outing to Target or grocery store. 
Sometimes an appointment or two. 
Or maybe just hang around the house doing little projects. 

If at daycare, Aaron gets picked up. 
If not, this is when we're wrapping up lunch. 

Aaron naps. 
Sometimes Oliver naps too and sometimes he clusterfeeds every 30 f**king seconds. 

Maybe another outing. 
Maybe more chill time. 

5pm: Dinner. 
Blue Apron, grilling, or leftover. 

6pm-7:30pm: Aaron bath and required "crazy time" pre-bed. 
Somehow Aaron's bedtime has been pushed way back to 7:30/8. 

Zone-out couch time. 
Maybe a beer or two. 

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  1. Sounds like y'all are slipping into your new normal pretty nicely! And seriously jealous about the one month of paid paternity leave - that is a major perk for sure.