Thursday, June 2, 2016

6 week update

6 weeks postpartum. 
How goes it? 

It's busy for sure. 
Distracting may be a better word. 
Lots of stuff I want to do but haven't. 
I have 26 unread blog posts in bloglovin. 
And I don't want to half-ass read them so I set them aside to read later when I can devote more attention (HAHAHA). 
Meanwhile my own blog falls into the realm of "every other week" post. 
I'm sure no one is missing my mundane updates on life but I want to write them down so I can remember since clearly my memory has gone to shit. 

So where was I? 
Oh yes, 6 weeks postpartum. 

Let's start with the one everyone cares about: BABY 

Sleeping & Eating

Oliver sleeps about 4.5-5.5 hours a night, nurses, then another 2-3 until morning. 
He seems to average one good swing nap a day and the rest are spent in the wrap or on-the-go (the perks of being 2nd kid). 

He nurses well enough but often confuses me with these short 4-6 minute sessions 
(Aaron in comparison would latch and chill for a solid 15 min). 
I'm starting to only nurse one side per feeding to see if that helps. 
Verdict?  Meh. 

Baby-Wearing, Pacifiers, and Baby Acne

Oliver's biggest loves: 
1) being worn. 
 2) being swaddled with a pacifier. 

I've gotten more than my money's worth out of my solly wrap
one of the few things I bought new for baby #2. 
It is strikingly similar to the Moby I used with Aaron but so much lighter-weight, prettier, and easier to transport. 
I also get a lot of compliments from other moms while out-and-about. 
Usually the conversation starts with: 
"What wrap is that? I have the moby but that looks much better." 
Trust me, it is. 

As for the swaddle / pacifier, it's a very new thing for me to have a baby with a pacifier. 
Aaron didn't care for pacifiers at all. 
For swaddle, we use the Aden & anais blankets that made my Top #10 Baby Products for the first year
For pacifiers: MAM pacifiers, for no other reason than my sister-in-law uses them and they looked good, although I will say the sterilization case is quite handy! 

On one hand I love the pacifier as a soothing device. 
At night when he's at the height of his witching hour, 
it's so nice to soothe with a silicone device rather than my boobs (ouch). 
On the other hand, I'm terrified by everyone's pacifier-weaning horror stories. 

Witching hour baby selfies

The best news this week is that Oliver's acne seems to be clearing! 
It started at 4 weeks, gradually got worse, and now seems to have subsided. 
So much nicer to kiss those little cheeks without pimples! 

How about me?

The Gross Stuff

I JUST this week stopped bleeding. 
It had become pretty sporadic, but enough that I still needed a pad at all times just in case which is annoying and gross. 
So glad to have that done! 


As for exercise, I'm walking with Oliver for an hour (~3 miles) twice a week. 
First he was in the wrap, but as it got hotter and hotter, 
I switched to the stroller so the two of us wouldn't die of heatstroke. 

Last week my first run was 1.1 miles. 
It was a lousy run (I thought the fat was going to giggle right off my thighs), 
but I've kept at it, and just today did a 2.0 mile run, 
and it felt GREAT. 

Weight Loss

I had stalled in my weight loss around 3 weeks postpartum, 
then picked up again last week (when I started running), 
only to gain a lot back from our trip to the lake this past Memorial Day. 
Damn that flowing wine! 

Mental Postpartum

Mentally I feel really REALLY good. 
Better than with Aaron when I was always anxious and worrying. 
 But with Oliver it feels very much more relaxing. 
Having him in a pack n play by our crib is a big part of it I think, 
but I'm sure the exercise and eating healthy helps too. 
In general, having a baby again feels very second nature. 
I know there will continue to be differences (wrote about my predictions here), 
but overall I feel like: "okay, I kind of know what I'm doing here." 

Probably the biggest adjustment, 
if we're being honest, 
isn't so much the second baby himself as it is learning to be home.  
My maternity leave with Aaron was a very simple couch routine I wrote about here
While that was nice in its own sense, I do appreciate the busyness of life. 
Every week home is a fun challenge: 
How do I maximize my time to get it all done? 
House chores. 
Food prep. 

I have time where I'm totally sans children (when my sister comes), 
times when it's just Oliver (Aaron at daycare), 
and times where I have both.  

I like planning fun activities with Aaron, 
whether it be a zoo trip or just eating watermelon on the deck. 
On one hand it'll be awesome when Oliver can join in, but I'm relishing the ease with which I can transport him everywhere in the wrap while I focus on Aaron. 

And speaking of Aaron... 

I suppose it's only fair to include Aaron in this 6 weeks postpartum. 
As in, how is Aaron doing 6 weeks in with "baby brother"? 
In a word: outstanding. 
Expectations: EXCEEDED. 

He is gentle and sweet and shows ZERO sign of jealousy
and its freaking amazing. 

The cutest change he's made is adopting his Monkey as "his baby." 
He nurses Monkey and burps Monkey and changes Monkey. 
And OMG my heart melts every time. 
So much cuteness I cannot handle it. 

At the lake house, Aaron burping monkey

And that's a wrap! 

Until next time... 
so like, 2-3 weeks from now?

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  1. So happy things are going well! I am pregnant with my 3rd and both with #1 and #2 have had a really hard time adjusting, so I'm hoping that isn't the case with #3. I also love the story about Aaron nursing his monkey - I love that we're setting up our kids to be future advocates of breastfeeding/normalizing breastfeeding just by doing it.