Tuesday, June 28, 2016

SAHM Goals

When I embarked on my stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) life, 
I viewed it as a job in itself: 
the first week is always rough (and it was) 
and then I would adjust and it would get better. 
There would always be be obstacles and challenges.
but I would figure them out eventually. 

Please know that I don't actually consider SAHM life to be a "job" or "career." 

I roll my eyes at those moms.

YES being home all day is a lot of work, 
but there is a massive difference between bosses and deadlines
and not going insane with children
I'm not saying one is harder than the other, 
I'm saying they are VASTLY different. 

So while I'm approaching this period of my life like a job, 
please don't think I'm one of those moms who says: 
"I have the best job of all.  Raising my children." 


Moving on.  

I listed out many of my biggest SAHM fears here
And to counter those fears, 
I am setting some light goals. 
(I put "light" because they do not adhere to Corporate's "SMART" goals. )

I'm hoping to review in increments. 
like a 30-day review, 
60-day review, 

In all my real job positions, my positives were pretty consistent: 
1. Super efficient (code: I'm shockingly fast at my job). 
2. Pleasant to be around (code: I'm a chatty extrovert). 

My "needs improvement" were usually things like: 
"you need to be a little more discreet about when you don't agree with someone" 
because I am beyond horrible at hiding disagreement or disdain.
Controlling my facial expressions was never my strong point. 
(Are you surprised?) 

Distracted, again. 
Back to the SAHM "Goals" : 

1. Stay busy. 
My #1 fear was boredom. 
A very real fear for a very productive individual like myself. 

2. Stay social. 
This addresses so many of my fears of irrelevancy. 
Maybe I'll only talk about my kid, 
but hopefully I can talk about my kid with other moms who also only talk about their kids. 

3. Spend time on ME: 
Just like for men, happy wife = happy life. 
I think for kids, healthy & happy mom = healthy & happy kids. 

3a. Exercise
Not just running, but yoga too. 
Exercise makes me feel better all around. 
It motivates me to eat healthier and drink less. 
It gives me WAY more energy and stamina. 
All around, I feel so much better when exercising. 

3b. Eat healthy 
With easy access to my pantry, 
I want to focus on making myself fun salads 
and healthy treats. 
The sorts of things I tried to eat at work, 
but very often did not pack well in a lunchbox. 

3c. Reading. 
Reading is incredibly relaxing for me. 
In my worst of worst moods, 
if Adam is home (a big IF), 
I can retreat to my room to read
and about 30 minutes in I'm much calmer. 
Just like exercise, there are amazing benefits to reading consistently 
like this article outlines here

4. Limit Aaron's TV time. 
If there's one massive benefit to daycare (besides socialization), 
it's the lack of TV. 
And staying home, I didn't want to utilize my TV as a second babysitter. 

5. Spend a little bit of time teaching Aaron. 
I'm not talking about homeschooling 
(LOL - but you can read my thoughts on that here), 
and I very VERY much value independent play over schooling, 
but I want to encourage a few basic things like: 
1. Scissor skills (a little LOL on that here)
2. Writing his name 
(So far, as I write this, I haven't started either.)

Well that's all I can think of for now. 

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  1. I think these are all great goals and I'm looking forward to reading about your progress! #4 would be a big fear of mine... I'm sure I would get into a groove, but I fear that I would be tempted the whole time to plant them in front of the tv while I ignore them, ha!