Monday, July 25, 2016


Some of my favorite people have been doing confessions lately
 (Amanda and Jessica
so since I'm a copycat with no original content, 
I am doing the same. 

1. I avoid bathing my children. 
The in-between-bath-times have been stretched realllly far. 
Days, sometimes a week. 
Yes I bathe Aaron when he's sweating or sticky or smelly, 
but generally I come up with a list of excuses not to 
(e.g.: "He's not seeing anyone important tomorrow.  
Just daycare.  Who cares if he smells?") 
Same for Oliver. 
I justify this because you aren't suppose to bathe babies a lot 
but really I am just lazy. 

Oliver's first bath at 12 days old. 

2. I get choked up reading "Stormy Night." 
It is in no way a sappy book 
(nor creepy, like the psycho creepy "Love You Forever" book) 
but the little diddy gets me all choked up every time. 

3. I thought I'd be ok with a baby attached to me at all times... but no. 
I'm all for Attachment Parenting but I didn't realize how much I enjoy my few hours away until Oliver started a bottle strike this week. 
Just in time, too, because this weekend he's supposed to be away from me for a full day so Adam and I can paint the new house. 

4. We are officially hiring packers to pack our house. 
Yes, I could do it. 
I absolutely could. 
But I don't want to. 
And because I don't want to, we are spending a pretty penny to have someone else do it.

5. The other day I ate 7 Oreos while making this trifle
I also licked the pudding batter off the whisk, the bowl... and the counter. 


  1. I lick certain foods off the counter too. Sometimes it's just too good to waste!

    And I'm sure we've bonded over this before but "Love You Forever" is TOTALLY creepy. And everyone loves it. But I HATE it. Gargh.

  2. Mmm... Oreos.

    Another confession I should have included on mine: I have been known to lick the remnants of cottage cheese off my plate when I have it for breakfast. I even feel gross typing that out.