Thursday, July 14, 2016

Life Lately

It's hot out. 
It is in the 90s with 100% humidity. 
This is like peak miserableness for Pennsylvania, 
and I don't know how the hell you southeners deal with this for months on end. 
I would never leave the house. 

In fact, I'm treating today like a snow blizzard and just staying in. 
Well, until my babysitter comes at 4pm and then I'm off to yoga. 
(Ah yoga, one of the best of parts of becoming a SAHM.) 
Our new babysitter lives in the neighborhood 
and is replacing my sister (who went to Spain, then is off to college) as my in-home help. 
Funny thing is, they share the same name 
and are pretty similar in appearance. 
I'm trying to get Aaron to call the new girl "Miss Rebecca" 
to differentiate from "Aunt Rebecca." 
But instead what we end up with is "Miss Aunt Rebecca." 

Back to today. 
While Oliver naps in his swing, 
and Aaron plays play-doh on the kitchen table, 
I'm going to babble on about the random thoughts in my head. 

First of all, I need to document one important reoccurring thought: 
Oliver is such an easy baby. 
Seriously, I love it. 
I refer to him every day as "my easy baby." 
He's just so chill. 
He waits his turn and doesn't put up a fuss. 
Granted, he's not as good of a sleeper as Aaron, 
waking up 4 times these last few days thanks to [what I hope is] a 3-month growth spurt. 
But otherwise... chill. 
So chill. 
We were at a lunch with friends and he just fell asleep sitting up in my lap. 
Aaron would NEVER have done that. 

Other thoughts:
Construction on our new house seems to be going very well, 
and if all continues to go well, 
we may just maybe be able to move the last weekend in July. 

However, this brings us to a very important topic I've been avoiding... 

I don't want to pack my house. 
Everyone says I can pack my house. 
I really can. 
It's a 1,600-sqft townhome. 
Totally do-able. 
Thinking of Amanda's favorite "would you rather" game, 
here's a list of things I'd rather do than pack my house: 
1. Give up high heels for a year. 
2. Give up wine for 9 months. 
3. Lie naked on a bed of nails. 

I've priced out packers and the result? It's pricey
Adding packers essentially doubles the moving costs. 
So... time will tell. 

In just general news, 
SAHM-hood is going well. 
Yes, some days are tougher than others. 
But days like today are heaven. 
Days where it's miserable out and we don't have to leave the house. 
I can scrap any and all plans for the day, and just chill
It's lovely. 
I've been working on a post for tomorrow, 
my one-month anniversary of giving notice
So stayed tuned for that recap. 
(I know you're on the edge of your seat.) 

Last random thought: kombucha
I learned about it from this Cupcakes & Cashmere post on healthy snacks, 
and when I walked by it in the organic section of Wegmans, 
I thought: "What the hell?" 
It's um...different. 
Its VERY fizzy, moreso than soda. 
But it packs this sort of sour punch, like a sweet and sour in a fizzy bottle. 
I let Aaron have some and he kind of giggled/squealed at the taste, 
then announced: "I don't like it." 
Yeah, it's different for sure. 
But I'm kind of intrigued.

Fair warning, of course, it says to consult a doctor before drinking if pregnant or breast-feeding. 
I figure one bottle should be ok. 
Or at least, one bottle shouldn't be any worse than the one mini can of Mountain Dew I had the other day. 

Fun Facts about Mountain Dew

1. It's illegal in most of Europe. 

2. The neon green raw material comes into the Pepsi plants marked with a Bio-Hazard sign. 

3. It is my absolute favorite drink of all time. 
However, thanks to its caffeine content, sugar content, and the two facts above, 
I only have a can (and a mini one at that) once every 6 months. 
But seriously, it is DELICIOUS. 

And that, my friends, is my random thoughts of today. 
Peace out. 

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  1. I have a lot of thoughts!
    1. Your weather does sound pretty similar to ours at the moment and I'm with you, it's brutal! In July & August, I pretty much only spend time outside if it involves water and shade.
    2. Colby started calling one of our friends, to whom we have no relation, "Uncle Bryan."
    3. Packing sucks. Period. Way more than unpacking. I've found that if I start a couple of weeks in advance (or even a week in advance) and focus on one room (or closet at a time), or even set myself a goal of packing x amount of boxes, it's less overwhelming. Good luck!
    4. I want to be able to scrap all plans and chill at the house whenever I want, too :(
    5. Brian was obsessed with Mountain Dew in high school/college. So much so that his AOL screen name was dothedew365247. His background text color was green and the text was yellow - just like Mountain Dew colors and pretty impossible to read!