Friday, July 15, 2016

SAHM: 30 Day Review

30 days in* I want to do a review of my SAHM life, 
particularly addressing my SAHM Goals

I feel it's too soon to assess my SAHM Fears since many of them are extremely long-term, but hopefully I can start to incorporate my feelings into a 6-month or 1-year review. 

Anyway, onto the assessment.  
How am I doing staying home with these two munchkins? 

Things Doing Well

Staying busy
Of course, buying our upgrade house helps, 
but still I am incredibly amazed by the amount of activities available to SAHM & kids. 
So much so that we haven't even gotten to go to half of them. 
$1 movies. 
Giant outdoor playgrounds. 
Indoor playgrounds. 
Even things as simple as taking the train to the city to see daddy. 

Staying social
I have hung out with my other SAHM friend which has been a life-saver as she tells me about all these activities. 
Plus I have another friend on 6-month maternity leave 
(yes you read that right - 6 months maternity leave! Go work for Bristol-Meyers!)

Eating Well. 
Although I feared 24/7 access to my fridge, 
it's going wonderfully. 
I love taking the time to prepare fun meals, 
which would never have packed well in a lunch box (also don't miss packing my lunch!). 
I don't buy crap and there's no vending machine or cafeteria, 
so my hunger snacking has gotten much MUCH healthier. 
Instead of craving Doritos from vending machine or cookie from the cafeteria, 
I'm eating fresh plums or a bowl of Cheerios with strawberries. 

The only part that has been tricky is snacks-on-the-go. 
Especially with our new house purchase, 
I'm constantly commuting between our current townhome and new house, 
which means food needs to be portable. 
I need to do a thorough search of Wegmans of healthy to-go snacks 
(read: not a lot of sugar, which is near impossible for portability). 

I've done a really good job of getting out for runs 
(either before Adam goes to work or when my sister comes to help), 
walks with the stroller (too hot for the wrap), 
and yoga. 
Yoga has been my favorite addition. 
I go 4:30 on Thursday (never possible with work!), 
and I leave feeling like a new person. 
Not only is my body getting the incredible stretch we all need, 
but my mental state soaks up that relaxation time like a sponge. 

(Side note: you'd think with my success in the eating and exercise department,
 the baby weight would be falling off. 
I have one of those lovely bodies that clings to the weight to sustain breastfeeding. 
So... Maybe in a year? Ugh)

Keeping the house clean. 
This sounds silly, 
but I really enjoy the satisfaction of how clean my house is now that I can scour it multiple times a day. 
Rather than just doing one big sweep after bed 
(when I'm already exhausted), 
I can work on the house after breakfast, during nap, and one final push after bed. 

TV Time
I'm a little shocked by how easy it is for me NOT to resort to TV for Aaron. 
I think this stems from my personal life where I almost never have the tv on. 
The most I've used our TV by myself is to watch nature shows or documentaries on Netflix in the middle of the night during my pregnancy insomnia. 
Otherwise, unless Adam is home and we're watching a show together, the TV is never ever on. 
This total lack of tv must be spilling over to my parenting. 

Things I'm okay at:  

My goal had been to read every day. 
That's not happening but I'm not failing either. 
I'd say about 2 days a week I'll sit down for a solid hour with a book during naptime. 
It's not as much as I wanted, but it's much better than I was doing before! 
Unfortunately, with our upcoming move, I see this happening less frequently. 
But I still want to try for it. 

Needs Improvement:

Drinking Water 
This wasn't one of my goals because I hadn't seen it as a problem. 
When I was working, I was constantly sipping at my desk, 
so 100 ounces in a day was easy. 
Now I barely finish my 40 oz Hydro Flask in a day. 
Especially with breastfeeding, I need to improve my water consumption. 

Teaching Aaron
Alphabet recognition? 
Scissor skills? 
Not for a hot second. 
It's so much easier to just let him play and I justify it with the notion that his brain is developing just fine with independent play. 
Let me live in my fantasy. 

Aaron post-"nap" explaining his construction to me.

*Not actually 30 days since I was a "practicing" SAHM when Adam went back to work May 16th. 
But since I officially gave notice on June 15th, that's my hypothetical start date.  
Glad we cleaned up that important detail


  1. I have one word to respond to your update: JEALOUS.

    But really, I'm glad it (seems to be) going so well and hope that trend continues!

  2. It sounds like you are rocking this SAHM thing! I'm very impressed especially with your lack of unhealthy snacking and clean house. It sounds like you are motivated which is always what I found lacking in me :)