Wednesday, July 27, 2016


As moving day nears, the stress level gets higher 
and higher 
and higher 
and higher. 

Like, why the hell did we decide to move? 
Can't we just stay here... forever? 

We've got a lot done so far. 
The contractor is finished with renovations (for now, more to come in fall). 
The original hardwood is exposed and refinished (took FOREVER!). 
The family room carpet is professionally cleaned. 

The hardwood has been the most trying because the poly coat they put on top makes the house unlivable with fumes. 
I won't bring Aaron and Oliver in the house until we get it properly aired out. 
We aired it out last night so let's hope its better today. 

A short list of things we need to do: 

1. Paint 4 rooms: living room, family room, nursery, and upstairs hallway bath.  
While painting is often optional, 
because we did so many renovations in these rooms, 
we have a lot of exposed drywall that needs to be primed and painted. 
Our contractor had told me off the bat: "I do everything except paint."
  He meant it. 

2. Assemble the kitchen pantry. 
Our very-dated kitchen does not come with a pantry. 
In about 5 years (after we stock up some more $$$), we'll renovate the entire kitchen, 
but in the meantime I NEED a pantry. 

3. Finish fixes in new home. 
Little things that wasn't worth having the contractor do. 
And my dad's background in electrical means we'll get those fixes through him. 
I love Adam with all my heart, but he is no handy man. 
Thankfully my dad is. 

4. Get quotes for tree trimming. 
Lots of gorgeous trees on our property. 
All of which are in DIRE need of trimming. 
We've already had one branch fall on our neighbor's fence. 
Nothing like "hey, nice to meet you, sorry 'bout your fence." 

5. Label the new house for the movers. 
Probably not needed, but I'm a control freak like that. 

6. Label everything in current house NOT being packed. 
I have heard packers will pack every single item unless labeled. 
Even the butter dish. 
And trash. 
That's the rumor. 

7. Move the stuff we don't want packers touching. 
Like frozen breastmilk. 
And wine. 
And my Mommy Cheryl's china. 
That's about it. 
That's the most valuable stuff in our house: breastmilk, wine, china. 
So don't ever put our house on the "to rob" list because you'll be sorely disappointed. 

8. Unpack. 
(Please note that around this time, I'll be having an emotional breakdown.) 

9. Schedule painter for our current townhome. 
Because one day Adam tried to move the queen boxspring downstairs himself. 
And... um, well, we now need a painter. 

10. All the other fixes to get current townhome on the market. 
I can't even list everything here. 
But it's a lot of little shit. 
The kind of shit we SHOULD HAVE done over the past 5 years. 
But instead we're doing it now. 
Massive eye roll. 

And all with these adorable little men hanging around... 

And they each have their own "developments." 

The big man is starting a new daycare next Monday. 
I'm putting ALL my money on the fact that it's his cousin's daycare, 
and for 5 weeks, he and his cousin will overlap in the same daycare room. 
I'm hoping that smooths the transition. 
Nevermind that he also has to endure a housing transition. 

It's a lot to ask for a 3-year-old! 

And then little man here... 

Well, this little man is STILL ON A BOTTLE STRIKE!!!! 

On Monday I switched to sippy cup 
(still life factory bottles, just adding their sippy cap). 

He gets approx 1/2-1/4 of the liquid on his bib/clothing, 
BUT he seems to at least drink it without massive meltdown, 
which is a huge improvement over the bottles. 

So far the only person who has gotten him to take a sippy cup is... ME. 
But as of today I'm going to see if the babysitter can have success. 
Pray for her success. Please. 

So anyway, that's our life right now. 

Some days I'm like: 

And some days I'm like: 

** Addendum ** 
I'd like to acknowledge that as stressful as this process is, 
it is 100 times LESS stressful because: 

1)  I am not working. 
Working full-time (or hell, even part time) would ensure total loss of sanity. 

2) Our current home is not listed for sale yet. 
If I had to move AND keep my house clean for showings... LOL LOL LOL. 


  1. I'm on the exact same pendulum swing you are because I am working two jobs (one of which involves a crazy amount of stress (which no one anticipated)) and because we are leaving on our 7000km (4400 mile) road trip in THREE DAYS. Ahhh. Breathe through a paper bag -- I don't know if it helps but I this close to trying it. If I can find a paper bag that is...

    Also, yes yes yes to #3! Your last two sentences ring so true with me!

    I don't know if this will help or not but both my kids would refuse to take a bottle if I was anywhere nearby. Once I was gone, especially for a few hours, they sucked it down, no problem. Rachel was especially difficult but she survived. So I hope you have the same success with Oliver.

    And to end of my crazy long comment (sorry), that picture of Oliver and Aaron on the chair is ADORABLE! All the heart eye emojis right there.

  2. Moving is for sure one of the top 5 most stressful life experiences in my book... right up there with changing jobs and having children, so I totally don't blame you! Especially when you throw two small children into the mix! Here's to hoping the packing/unpacking/fixing/school-switching/bottle-taking all goes smoothly from here on out!