Monday, July 11, 2016

We Bought a House

We bought a house! 
As of Friday morning, we settled on our second home. 
Our "upgrade" home if you will. 

While we've loved our little 3-bedroom, 1600-sqft townhome, 
the arrival of Mr. Oliver meant it was time to move. 

We had started the house-hunting process back in the fall 
and in February we started moving forward on one house, only to withdrawal our offer. 
I detailed that rollercoaster here

Somewhere on or around my due date, 
our realtor (a mom with 4 kids herself) sent a message of:
 "I know you're about to pop, but here's a great house that just came on the market." 

Oliver was 8 days old when we toured the house. 
We loved it. 
The neighborhood was perfection. 
The yard was perfect. 
The layout was exactly what we wanted. 
And the price was JUST RIGHT. 

We put in an offer immediately, just under list price. 
They counted a day later and we accepted immediately. 

We met the owners while doing inspection. 
A lovely Jewish couple who was downsizing since their two kids had moved out. 
They had moved into the house in 1992 with a 6-week-old and 2-year-old, 
Not that dissimilar from us. 
And even more similar? 
They had previously lived in a townhome just a neighborhood away from our current townhome. 
It was absolutely meant to be. 

We celebrated our first night with pizza and champagne: 

Of course the house needs work. 
Lots of shag carpet, underneath which is gorgeous original hardwood floors. 
(Nicole Curtis would be beside herself.)
There is shelf liner EVERYWHERE. 
Sticky old ancient shelf-liner of the most hideous variety of designs. 
And some bathrooms with crazy wallpaper and, uh, interesting vanity. 

Exhibit A: 

And a kitchen with one of those old ovens so small you can't fit a full cookie sheet in it. 
(Good thing I don't bake cookies.) 
But really, all these things are fixable. 
Some things (like the wood floors) we are doing now. 
And some will be a remodel in 5-10 years (like the kitchen oven). 

Sure I've done my fair share of cussing as I manually pluck tiny pieces of shelf liner off every surface. 
But when I get fed up, I walk into our attached 2-car garage and think: 
"I never ever have to shovel out cars after a snowstorm." 
And THAT, that my friends, is f**king amazing. 

All in all, we love it. 
And just like so many people told us when our other house fell through, 
we love this one SO MUCH MORE than the previous. 
We are downright RELIEVED we didn't buy the other house. 

So over the next few months, 
 I'll be dealing with the logistics of renovations, 
and eventually listing our current townhome. 
I expect a lot of frustration and exhaustion and probably a very hefty dose of swearing and drinking. 
But for now I'm so excited!!!! 


  1. So excited for y'all and looking forward to reading about your adventures as you get settled! What does Aaron have to say about it??

  2. Whooo hooo!!! I can't wait to read more about it!

    And we celebrated our first night in our new house with pizza and champagne too. Obviously it's a tradition :)

  3. Haha. I love that feeling of moving into a new place because you need the extra room only to realise the next three or four years of your life are going to be spent trying to make the place not look like a rainbow threw up over it! I had the same thing when I moved into my place. Huge, ghastly coloured floral prints everywhere! It was a nightmare!

    Doyle Hunt @ Real East Van

  4. There’s nothing wrong with an upgrade house. Don't look at it as your second choice or you’ll always be comparing it to the other choice. Simply love this house and know that with every improvement you are quickly increasing the value of the house to meet those in the neighborhood. In no time that house will transform.