Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Books I Read (July-Aug)

Probably my least productive two months of reading ever. 
We moved and then messed me up in all sorts of ways. 
One of which, of course, was adjusting to a new library. 

(Because, to reiterate, I don't like reading on an electronic device. 
I like the paper feel. 
The weight of the book. 
And the library due date forces me to read it in time.) 

Not working 
By Lisa Owens

I was really excited for this book 
because it would be a fun way to kickoff my SAHM-hood. 
Since I am officially not working
But instead... 

It's an easy read. 
Parts of it are pretty funny. 
But overall, meh.
I think I expected more to happen 
And when I got to the end I felt like: 
"Soooo... That was it?" 

13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl 
By Mona Awad

This is the book where I FINALLY learned my lesson. 
If a book review includes the word "raw", 
it means "depressing." 
Most common: "A raw look at [x]"
Raw = depressing. 
Got it? 

This is a depressing book. 
It's a sad, miserable depressing book. 
Ironically, I read it all in one night (it is pretty short), 
hoping it would somehow end on a high note. 

Also, another instance where the review includes the word "wit" 
and I mistakenly think wit = funny. 
The review on the top cover starts with: "This book sparkles with wit." 
Doesn't that sound funny and enjoyable? 
Sparkles. Wit. 
Not funny, not enjoyable. 
Just plain depressing. 

Maybe in Another Life 

by Taylor Jenkins Reed

I really LOVED this book. 

Allena recommended it (here) and I thought it looked super cool. 
It did NOT disappoint. 

Sometimes I have trouble with time-jumping, 
but this book flows beautifully and I had no complaints. 

Also, another positive about this book: 
I have the gift (curse?) of usually predicting how a book goes 
(I've said it before, but I predicted "We Were Liars" from chapter 1 and hated it). 
I won't say this book has any crazy psycho twists, 
but it just went a different path than I predicted, 
and I really appreciated that about the book.

So in summary, 1 for 3. 
Not the greatest ratio these two months. 
I have a stack of books I'll be reading at the lake soon, 
so I'm hoping I'll find a few good ones in there!


  1. I am so glad you liked Maybe in a Different Life. I have now read 3 of Taylor Jenkins Reid's books and have LOVED all of them. They are all different and I don't want to call them 'chick lit' but it's like chick lit with thought. She is amazing. I LOVE reading electronic books (I check 99% of them out from the library which is AMAZING) and am just waiting for her newest one, One True Loves, to become available. I honestly can't pick which I liked the best of the 3 I've read - LOVE.

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