Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Life since moving

My first blog post after Oliver's birth was 6 days later.
My first blog post after moving is 12 days later.
That pretty much sums up how I feel about moving versus a new baby.

I know that newborns can be overwhelming.
Operating on low sleep.
24/7 feeding calls.
Incessant crying.
But, as I discussed before, that really doesn't phase me.

What does phase me?

I won't go into the gory details,
but the gist is that it was pretty ugly.
I was stressed and got freaked out
and got mad at everyone for no reason.

And yes, we hired professional packers
so like what was there to freak out about?


This is our living room filled to the brim with boxes.
And that was only 1/2 the boxes in the house.

Ok so moving on.
(har har)
We all lived.

My cousin Hannah came down to help unpack,
which was seriously the greatest thing ever.
I'll elaborate more in another post about our moving lessons.
But one lesson is definitely HAVE HELP,
specifically someone who thinks like you do.
Again, another post.

Other things in life...

Aaron adjusted to his new daycare marvelously.
He has his cousin in his class, which he loves.
It's like 5 minute drive from the house,
which I love.

Adam has been slammed in Big Law Firm World.
The second day after move-in,
he worked until 3am.
But the deal closed this week so hoping for a little breathing room now!

I went for my first run in our new area,
wasn't paying attention,
and slid on the concrete sidewalk,
skinning both my knees.

(Because I know you wanted a visual.
And check out our sexy masterbath wallpaper.)

It's also surprising how much you do that requires being on your knees.
And yes, get your mind out of the gutter.
I'm talking like bathing small children and changing diapers on the floor.
I had also wanted to try out a new yoga studio right by our house,
but not until my knees are better!

While my first run was a fail,
my second was a stunning success as I found a really awesome route.
There's so many neighborhoods around us that I think I can put together some really great running paths.
Previously at our old house, I maxed out at 3.5 miles
and then had to drive elsewhere if I didn't want to run in circles.
Here I think I can work with a lot more.

Let's see... what else?
Oliver is still on bottle strike!
I don't want to talk about it.

And... I think that's it for now.
Just a little post to say


  1. Hooray! You survived! But you're right, it sucks. And one of my favorite parts about moving to a new place is finding new routes for walking/running, so I hope you have fun exploring!

  2. Moving is so hard. I can totally empathize with you. And I'm sorry about the thing we won't talk about is still continuing. I hope your knees feel better soon. That sucks.